Where to find material on FIB sites

ULP – Intelligence is a mission that has been added to GTA online with the release of the Criminal Enterprises update, and it is made up of several tasks. One of these tasks is to search FIB sites for materials, and players will need to locate four of these items in total. For fans having trouble finding the gear at FIB HQ or FIB Depot at grand theft auto onlinethis guide contains details of their precise locations.

GTA Online: Find gear on FIB sites


Before entering the FIB HQ, players should head to the construction site which is across the bridge to the north. There is a van that contains a maintenance outfit at this location, and fans will see the vehicle marked on their minimaps as they approach it. Players should also make sure to bring a silent weapon to HQ, as this will make the recovery of materials in this GTA online The mission of criminal enterprises is much easier.


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After making these preparations, GTA online fans must proceed to the FIB headquarters, pass through the security checkpoint and use the elevators to reach the floor where the equipment is located. Players will encounter many agents on this floor, and it is recommended that they use their silenced weapon to take them all out from stealth. Indeed, this action will make it much easier to recover the two pieces of hardware, and fans will need to search for them in the following four locations:

  • From the elevators, head west into the Communication area. Continue forward and enter the large server room at the end. The gear is in a briefcase on a table in the back left corner of the room.
  • In the Communications areaenter the conference room on the left just before the server room. The material is in a briefcase on the conference table.
  • From the elevators, go through the door to the east. Continue down the hallway and enter the penultimate office on the right. The material is in a white box on the floor.
  • Fans of action-adventure video games should enter the last office in this hallway. The material is in a white box on the floor.

FIB filing

The first step towards obtaining the material at the FIB Depot is to destroy both fuse boxes that are outside the facility. To find the first fuse box, players should start at the roll-up door where they can enter the depot, head west past the black truck, enter the alley to the left, and look on the wall next to it. from the dumpster. For the second fuse box, fans must look above the aforementioned black truck and shoot through the gap in the metal roof with their favorite. GTA online armed.

Once the fuse boxes are destroyed, players can enter the FIB depot and use their flashlights to see through the darkness. Fans then simply have to search for the material on the metal desks and shelves that line the walls of the building. Specifically, gear usually spawns on the desk in the front right corner and on the shelves just south of that desk, and players should feel free to leave the depot and complete this operation. GTA online mission once they have collected both pieces.

GTA online is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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