Where National Sites Rank OKC Thunder: Week 13 Power Rankings

It’s Week 13 of the NBA Power Rankings and the OKC Thunder has remained at the bottom of most national pundits’ list.

Many of the top teams have suffered from the scorching winter days when it is clear that the teams are tired and counting the days until the star break.

Where National Venues Seed OKC Thunder in the Week 13 Power Rankings

As for the OKC Thunder, they didn’t just beat the Nets, they beat them by winning 130-109, but they failed to pick up wins in their games against the Wizards and Cavaliers. In Week 14 they will be on the road to Dallas, San Antonio, Charlotte and Cleveland.

Here’s where the national sites ranked the team in Week 13.

OKC Thunder Power Rankings – NBA.com:

In the OKC Thunder segment this week, John Schuhmann dives deeper into the stats of Luguentz Dort pointing out that his defense may not be all it’s made out to be.

He describes it as “more inflexible than disruptive”. In all honesty, when you’re playing on a team without a ton of defensive talent and constantly guarding the best player while trying to make up for the mistakes of the youngsters on the team, it’s no surprise that his defensive stats don’t jump. not from the page. .

Put him on a defensive team and I guarantee his numbers would hurt.

For now, he accepts his role and the reduced stats that were robust when Chris Paul was still around. Give it time, and when Sam Presti finally gathers the right team around SGA, Giddey and Dort, things will get back to normal.

Part of that clip from Thunder is below and the full segment from OKC and his week 13 power rankings can be found here.

Schumann holds the Thunder stable at 27th for week 13.

We don’t necessarily see Lu Dort as an all-scoring guy, and he usually guards the opposition’s most prolific perimeter player. But he’s one of three players in the league — Bojan Bogdanovic and Kelly Oubre Jr. are the others — who are averaging at least 15 points, with less than five rebounds and two assists per game. Even on defense, Dort is more adamant than disruptive, ranking 254th out of 350 players who have played at least 300 minutes with just 1.4 interceptions + blocks per 36 and ninth on his own team in deflections per 36 (1.8).

ESPN Panel:

During week 13, the ESPN panel also organizes the OKC Thunder stable at 27th.

Panel’s Week 13 NBA Power Rankings article can be to see in full via this link.

Kenrich Williams would likely get a lot more playing time if winning was the Thunder’s top priority. OKC has a net rating of plus-2.2 with the 27-year-old defensive end on the field and minus-12.0 when Williams sits. He’s the kind of player any good team wants, so Williams is worth watching as the trade market heats up. — Mac Mahon

CBS Sports:

As we’ve noted many times, CBS Sports’ Colin Ward-Henninger doesn’t use the same timeline for his power ratings. Its seven days begin on weekends and end on Fridays. So each week, games played on Saturday and Sunday roll over to the following week for CBS’s rankings.

During week 13, Ward-Henninger drops Thunder five spots to 29th to coincide with the losing streak.

To see the CWHs week 13 power rankings click here.

OKC’s losing streak sits at five after losing games to Wolves, Nuggets and Wizards this week. It’s hard for this team to win when Shai Gilgeous-Alexander isn’t in top form, and he’s struggled this week, shooting 40% from the field and going just 1-of-8 from 3-point range. Lu Dort returned to the lineup and averaged 16.3 points and 4.3 rebounds over the three games.


This will be the last offer from Sportsnet’s Steven Loung who left SportsNet, so enjoy his final tier list.

  1. Embiid for MVP calls are likely to get noisy

  2. Injured Elite

  3. Hornets on the brink of greatness

  4. CJ McCollum is thankfully back

  5. Level 5: How much will the Pacers and Kings be willing to sell?

the fifth level That’s where the OKC Thunder lands this week with the clip below. You can see Loung’s full tier list for week 13 here.

The Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings aren’t going anywhere this season, but they have talented players such as Domantas Sabonis, Myles Turner, Malcolm Brogdon, De’Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield on each team. Any of these players could help a number of the many contenders scattered around the league and, for the good of Indiana and Sacramento, could bring in the kind of desired draft assets and/or young players that they will then be looking for clubs to move towards a rebuild – or simply a build from the ground up in the case of the Kings.

Launderer report:

Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey offers his thoughts on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and puts the OKC Thunder 26th a ladder rang from its previous rank. A portion of the Thunder excerpt is noted below.

To see its entirety power rankings for week 13 click here.

The incompetence of other teams in their seeding range helped the Oklahoma City Thunder stay within striking distance of the play-in tournament. And Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s upside-down star might be enough to push them to 10th place eventually.

In Thursday’s blowout win over the Brooklyn Nets (who were without Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving), SGA had 33 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists, two threes and two blocks.

In review, national venues placed the OKC Thunder with a high of 26th and a low of 29th for Week 13 in the Power Rankings.