Western New York Summer Food Program to Increase Service Sites

Dates and locations for the Western New York Recreation Division’s 2022 Summer Food Program were announced by Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez, Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo and the city’s Board of Commissioners.

Each year, the city serves a free lunch to children after the end of the school year at locations around the city. In 2022, West New York has extended the program to offer more streaming sites.

The program is open to anyone aged eighteen or under. Persons over the age of eighteen will not be served, due to state law.

The program begins on July 5 and ends on August 12. Free lunch will be distributed on weekdays only from 11:30 am.

Breakfasts are first come, first served. Distributions will take place weather permitting.

This year, serving locations now include: West New York Middle School at 201 57th Street; Miller Park at 5709-5711 Jackson Street; Donnelly Park at 54th to 60th Boulevard East; Fillmore Park at 61st Street and Fillmore Place; Washington Park at 308 66th Street, between Hudson Avenue and Palisade Avenue; Hudson Mini Park also known as Dewey Park at 6408-6410 Hudson Avenue; WNY Public Library at 425 60th Street; and Saint Mary’s Park at 6501-6505 Jackson Street.

Call 201-295-5120 anytime from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, for more information on the summer food program or for any recreation information.

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