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With demand for HDB apartments at its peak, BTO’s launch in May is bound to be hotly contested. In fact, HDB mentioned that May 2022 would see a bumper crop just for that reason. We see around 5,330 apartments across six locations, so there are several options for you to choose from:

HDB cities when BTO launches in May 2022

BTO launch sites will be in the following cities in May:

  • Two sites in Bukit Merah (Mature)
  • Queenstown (Mature)
  • Toa Payoh (adult)
  • Jurong West (not mature)
  • Yishun (not mature)

1. Bukit Merah May 2022 BTO

Bukit Merah will offer two launch sites, both close to each other and on opposite sides of Tiong Bahru Road.

Note, however, that there will only be 3 and 4 room apartments here, so those looking for something bigger will probably have to settle for another location. Although HDB has not made an announcement, it is likely that these sites will fall under the Prime Location Housing (PLH) scheme.

Besides the central location, note that the last two PLH projects also did not have 5-piece options. Another factor is the price. At the last BTO launch in Bukit Merah, Telok Blangah Beacon raised eyebrows due to the prices. 4-room apartments ranged between $602,000 and $710,000, one of the highest yet for new apartments. As such, we believe it is likely that the May 2022 apartment batch will require higher subsidies; and PLH is designed to accommodate this through Subsidy Recovery (SR).

Newest BTO in Bukit Merah:

Telok Blangah beacon (May 2021) Price scale
3 pieces $419,000 – $504,000
4 bedrooms $602,000 – $710,000

Site 1: Along Alexandra View

bukit merah may 2022 bto 1

The site is made up of approximately 780 housing units, 3 and 4 room apartments.

This site is the closest to the MRT station (where the Avenue South Residence show apartment was located), being just opposite the Redhill station (East-West Line). This station is just four stops from Raffles Place, providing quick access to the CBD. Redhill Market and Redhill Food Center are also next to the MRT station (which also has a few small food options), catering to most daily needs.

Additionally, apartments here will be adjacent to Artra, a mixed-use condo development. There is an NTUC FairPrice in Artra, as well as a daycare center and a few restaurants.

Although it’s one of the most convenient locations, it’s not for everyone. Proximity to Alexandra Road can lead to traffic issues and significant noise during peak CBD hours. Noise from the MRT track will also be an issue here, so it’s definitely a trade-off for its convenience. It’s also quite a dense area, with Artra, the Metropolitan, Ascentia Sky, and Echelon crowding out views in various directions.

However, we expect convenience and accessibility to more than make up for this; and we’d be surprised if it’s not vastly oversubscribed.

Site 2: Junction of Henderson Road and Tiong Bahru Road

bukit merah may 2022 bto

This site is made up of 1,660 housing units, 3 and 4 room apartments.

It’s a bit further from the MRT than the Alexandra View site, but still within walking distance. It’s a bit further from Redhill MRT, about a nine minute walk, but it could also be closer to Tiong Bahru MRT – maybe about 6 minutes (but you could be much closer to one than to the other, depending on where exactly your block is located).

In return for being further from the MRT, this site offers more greenery. It is opposite Tiong Bahru Park and Henderson Park; this will benefit all units facing the direction of Lower Delta Road and Tiong Bahru Road.

There’s also the added benefit of Tiong Bahru Plaza here, which although not a large mall, has a fairly wide variety of cafes and restaurants, as well as a Golden Village cinema on the top floor. And let’s not forget you’re also close to the trendy Tiong Bahru district, with the ever-bustling hawker center, as well as plenty of cafes and food options to choose from.

Just across Bukit Merah View Road, residents will have access to Bukit Merah View Market and Hawker Center; or they can cross Henderson Road, where there are apartments with the usual “HDB downstairs” amenities like convenience stores.

By the way, if this new site is PLH, it could be a boon for anyone selling a Henderson Road flat. Flats along Henderson Road are aging (many were built in 1975) – but if not subject to PLH restrictions, while newer units across the road are, some buyers may opt to these resell options instead.

2. Queenstown May 2022 BTO

queenstown may 2022 bto

This site offers 860 3 and 4 room apartments.

Those who failed to secure an apartment in Queenstown last year (launch August 2021) have a second chance with this location. The site is approximately 10 minutes walk from the MRT Buona Vista station, which is an interchange (East-West Line and Circle Line). One of the biggest malls in the area, Star Vista, is also next to the MRT.

For more immediate conveniences, the Ghim Moh Market and Food Center is just across the road; there is a Giant Express located here, as well as a few other convenience stores.

One of the big draws here is the Greenway – it’s the Ghim Moh/Buona Vista entry point to the Rail Corridor; this is likely to appeal to cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. Also, if you have family members studying at Singapore Polytechnic, note that Dover MRT is just one stop away from Buona Vista.

The site is about a five-minute drive from the Holland Village lifestyle center.

Newest BTO in Queenstown:

Queen’s Arch (August 2021) Price scale
3 pieces $382,000 – $464,000
4 bedrooms $540,000 – $670,000

3. Toa Payoh May 2022 BTO

toa payoh may 2022 bto

This is the smallest BTO site with just 380 units, so expect it to be very oversubscribed. Units are a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments. Again, for those looking for larger apartments, this won’t be the place for you.

Although it’s supposedly “within walking distance” of Braddell MRT, we’d be hesitant to make the claim. It’s quite a long walk and we’re sure it’s over 10 minutes; so not everyone will find it convenient. Nevertheless, Braddell MRT is on the north-south line and only four stops from Orchard.

For immediate amenities, just cross the road. On the other side of Lorong 6, the old HDB apartments house the usual assortment of cafes, beauty salons, clinics, etc. If you cross to the other side (Lorong 7), you will find a Sheng Siong supermarket.

Some buyers may not like the proximity to a nearby place of worship just across Lorong 7. We believe this is far enough away not to cause noise issues but this will need to be seen when the apartments will be built.

Recent BTO at Toa Payoh:

Bartley Beacon (November 2020) Price scale
3 pieces $324,000 – $397,000
4 bedrooms $466,000 – $598,000
5 bedrooms $627,000 – $726,000

4. Jurong West May 2022 BTO

jurong west may 2022 bto

This site is made up of 1,010 accommodations, with the full range of 2, 3, 4 and 5 room apartments.

Whether you like this site comes down to one simple question: are you an outdoorsy type? If you are, you’ll love it because it’s next to Jurong Lake Gardens, as well as all the kayaking, biking trails, picnic areas, etc. Just cross Yuan Ching Road and you are there. It will have a wide frontage on Jurong Lake Gardens (with the new Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden to come), so the views should be quite spectacular.

Other than that, the surroundings are mostly HDB blocks, with the usual amenities that entails (convenience stores, playgrounds, etc.) The Taman Jurong mall is also about a 10-minute walk away; it is an HDB mall, and it includes a food court, NTUC FairPrice, and Unity Pharmacy.

If you need big malls, movie theaters and long rows of restaurants nearby, you should look elsewhere; these types of equipment are lacking in the general area.

The Lakeside MRT station (east-west line) will be less than a 10 minute walk away (depending on which block you are staying in), which is quite convenient. The station is also just two stops from Jurong East, which is the commercial and office center on the west side.

In the long term, the area is part of the Transformation of Jurong Lake District into Singapore’s second CBDso the supply of jobs and the influx of infrastructure and support to the region should see better potential in the future.

Newest BTO in Jurong West:

Nanyang Opal (November 2021) Price scale
3 pieces $173,000 – $229,000
4 bedrooms $264,000 – $321,000

5. Yishun May 2022 BTO

yishun may 2022 bto

This site offers 640 apartments with 2, 4 and 5 rooms. There is a small problem with this site, which we will address below.

The site is a bit far from the MRT Yishun station (north-south line), about a 10-minute walk. Whether it’s practical is subjective. The site is next to the Khatib-Bongsu park connector, which will appeal to cyclists; and the HDB clusters here are pretty well built, regardless of Yishun’s immature status.

Cross Yishun Central Road and HDB Apartments offers a good number of cafes and convenience stores. Otherwise, head in the opposite direction and cross Yishun Central 1 Road; in about seven minutes you will find another cluster of restaurants and a Sheng Siong supermarket.

Now for the most uncomfortable question:

Yishun Community Hospital and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital are adjacent to the site. Being so close to a hospital is usually undesirable; many homebuyers will worry about ambulance sirens at night or heavy traffic. Whether that will be a problem remains to be seen, but it’s uncomfortably close for many.

Some buyers also have taboos about living near hospitals; and even if you don’t, your future buyers might.

That said, it can also be a strength. Proximity to the hospital may appeal to those who at some point intend to rent out their HDB apartment. As hospitals tend to employ a lot of foreign workers, profitability is quite high here. Senior home buyers may also appreciate the proximity to health care.

As an added benefit, Khoo Teck Puat has a food court and convenience stores that add to the conveniences.

Newest BTO in Yishun:

Grove Spring @ Yishun (February 2022) Price scale
2 Type of room 1 $102,000 – $121,000
2 Type of room 2 $118,000 – $145,000
3 pieces $180,000 – $248,000
4 bedrooms $270,000 – $362,000
5 bedrooms $385,000 – $485,000


This batch of BTO launch sites shows that HDB is very serious about increasing supply; and we’re surprised at the number of solid offerings packed into the May launch. We’re pretty sure mature areas are going to be oversubscribed, PLH or not, so you need to act fast. To find out more about developments in the Singapore property market, or if you need help securing a home, contact us on Stacked.