Visakhapatnam women fall prey to fake matches on matrimonial sites

In recent times, cyber criminals prey on their victims in various ways to commit frauds worth thousands of rupees. One such crime that has come to light recently is cyber fraud through matrimonial websites. The Visakhapatnam Cybercrime Department has received complaints from women who have been duped by men posing as highly skilled professionals looking for Indian matches on matrimonial sites.

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A total of two cases have been recorded so far in which crimes have been perpetrated in an identical manner. A Madhurawada woman, divorced and single mother, has posted her remarriage profile on a marriage website. A month ago, a man contacted her, saying he had found her profile on the website and was interested in marrying her. The man informed her that he was also divorced and living in Dubai.
After chatting with the woman for a week, he told her he had booked tickets to come and meet her in India. Later, he sent her photos of gift packages on WhatsApp, saying he had sent them to her and would soon be delivered to her home. Three days later, the woman received a call from someone posing as a customs officer at Delhi airport. She was asked to pay a huge sum as customs duties for the items she received on her behalf. The man posing as the customs officer informed her that the package contained valuables such as gold and diamonds worth several thousand dollars.
She was told that she would receive the parcels shortly after transferring the mentioned amount to an anonymous bank account. As she did not receive any package, Madhurawada’s wife called the man in Dubai and told him about the events. He told her that he had departed from Dubai for India and asked her not to worry about the parcels as he would personally collect them from Delhi airport. The next day, the man called her, telling her that he had landed in India and asked her to transfer some money to his account as his forex account had been blocked for unknown reasons.
Later, the man blocked his number when the lady realized she had been tricked and contacted Visakhapatnam Cybercrime Department on August 20, 2022. She informed the police that she had transferred Rs 18 lakhs on various accounts.
In an identical case, another Visakhapatnam resident, a doctor by profession, was duped Rs 24 lakhs by a man posing as a highly trained American professional. After realizing she had been duped, she filed a complaint with the Visakhapatnam Cybercrime Department, which opened an investigation into the matter.
Based on the victims’ complaints, the cyber police tracked the criminals residing in Delhi. The defendants were identified as Osas (38), a resident of Nigeria, and his aide, M Khan (27).
In view of these illicit activities, the Cybercrime Department of Visakhapatnam called on citizens to be extra careful when contacting anonymous people and not to give out bank details.

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