Top 10 Affordable Matrimony Sites in India

What exactly are weddings? A simple term that has several definitions. For some it is a customary commitment, while for others it is a bond to stay together in sickness and in health, until death do them part. Why shouldn’t we have options to think about when this term has a deep meaning? Saved by the bell because we can help you with the same.

Yes, you read that right. In this blog, we will be looking at the ten most well-known and affordable matchmaking matrimonial sites that can be used by anyone.

Their creators were well aware that matrimonial websites charge exorbitant fees, which makes it difficult for middle and lower class people to sign up. So, let’s get started and explore what websites are available to us!

1. Matchfinder Marriage: Matchfinder is the first online matrimonial website to offer memberships from Rs 100 making it one of the most affordable matrimonial websites in India. Matchfinder Matrimony also provides paid matrimonial services such as personalized counseling, astrological compatibility and profile enhancement. Matchfinder makes sure to keep your profile private and secure. Additionally, the website offers daily and weekly match alerts, enhanced search, and one-page registration. It is inexpensive and serves brides from over 2000 locations.

2. Bharat wedding: According to the Brand Trust Report, the most trusted online marriage service is BharatMatrimony, which has over 1 crore registered users. Also, according to the Limca Book of Records, this marriage has the most documentation online. Moreover, his accomplishments and successes show his true worth. Their services are rendered to gold members from INR 4900 for 3 months.

3. was the first matrimonial website in India. They have risen to the top of the Indian matrimonial industry thanks to a vast database of thousands of profiles of NRIs, foreigners and Indian brides and grooms. It is user friendly and helps to find a wonderful match based on profession, native language, city, state, caste, NRI and religion. A little bird told us that their services are offered at a starting rate of 3900.

4. The “100% free matrimonial service”, Vivaah, was created in 2002. The firm claims that “finding a life companion should not be expensive”. True to their motto, they render free matrimonial services. You can spend hours trying to find the best life partner at the lowest cost. The membership plan offered by this particular site is user-friendly and starts with just Rs 500

5. For over 12 years, Wedgate Matrimony has been helping people get married and currently serves over 600 walk-in clients every day. Rather than being a protocol-bound marriage agency, their main focus is on treating their clients like family and therefore bringing a personalized touch to what they do best. WedgateMatrimony Gold Membership starts from Rs 4000

6. is a popular Indian marriage website that specializes in both marriage service and matchmaking. It has been in operation since 1996, with the slogan “We bring people together, love unites them”. It has never stopped losing its title as the world’s oldest dating site and has been in the game helping its users find their perfect partners. You have to spend 6950 if you want to opt for their Gold membership.

seven. With over 140 matrimonial branches across the country, is India’s largest matrimonial service for communities. To perform an effective and fast search for your soul mate, you can use the CommunityMatrimony application, available on the App Store and Google Play. It is well known for its more than 300 web pages aimed at distinct communities around the world. Their service starts from Rs 4900 for a 3 month Gold subscription.

8. caters to divorced or widowed people, supporting them with remarriage services to help them receive a new marital start. More than 5 lakh users have downloaded its DivorceeMatrimony app to receive faster updates, 24/7 support and easier worldwide. This website is built on the motto “soulmate for all” and has remarkably adhered to the same. Their membership plans start from Rs 5000

9., a successful marriage service in India, for South Indians, has managed to gain more than one million trusted users despite its rapid entry. They firmly believe that marriage is not just about two people, but also about families. Therefore, they guarantee to help you find an ideal life partner and a good family. Their gold membership starts from Rs 4000.

ten. Since December 2006, has been recognized as India’s premier “marriage site”, helping individuals discover the perfect spouse. For villages and other organizations which are frequently featured, many Swyamvars have been organized across the country. Gold users get access to expert services and the even more amazing fact is that it only costs Rs 500.

So we’ve given you 10 affordable options to choose from. Make a hasty decision because there is no time to lose! Now what are you waiting for? Carpe Diem.