These sites allow you to rent your whole house or just a room for a few hours

Summer is here, and we are looking for places to go. Air travel always has restrictions and you may not be able to catch a flight to your dream destination.

But no need to go far to get away from the daily grind. You don’t even have to find a hotel. Airbnb just revamped its entire website, making it easier to find your next getaway. Tap or click here for tips on using the rental platform’s new features.

Now let’s talk about renting your property. People need temporary spaces for photoshoots, birthday parties, workshops, meetings, and any event or activity you can imagine. Whether you have a free room or an entire house, we’ll show you how to rent out your space and earn some extra money.

Peer space

With Peer space, you can show your space to an audience of millions looking to rent it. Simply state your space, set your price, and add photos and information.

Communicate with customers and accept bookings through Peerspace. Customers are billed in advance through the platform’s secure payment system. You are paid by direct deposit after each reservation, less a 15% service charge.

Nice outdoor space in Chicago

This lush outdoor space in chicago includes access to the dining room, living room and kitchen of the neighboring house. Located near many restaurants and bars, the estate is 2,000 square feet and costs $65 per hour.

Bohemian paradise loft in Atlanta

look at this two story loft in atlanta, with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide natural light for photo shoots. The nearly 1,800-square-foot space costs $125 an hour and includes full-body mirrors, a wet bar, private bathroom, and Wi-Fi.


giggster connects property owners with tenants looking for a place to film. Depending on the production, rentals can range from a few hours to several weeks.

If you have space to spare, you can rent it out for commercials, photo shoots, or film shoots. Your potential customers send you a message via Giggster and confirm their reservations. The renter can send a scout before booking.

You can set a rate and customize it on site for your tenants. For example, you can give them a discount for a longer rental period. If you don’t want to be around the shoot, Giggster sends a representative to handle the property on your behalf.

Renters are billed as soon as you accept their booking request. Giggster collects a 15% service fee. The final payment will be deposited in your bank account and processed within seven days of the start of the reservation.

Cozy and Relaxed RV in Indianapolis

Is your home mobile? You can also rent it! This Sportsman trailer based in Indianapolis has a full kitchen with stove and fridge. Between the bedroom, the sofa and the dining area in the kitchen, there is room for six people. The trailer is 25 square feet and costs $15 per hour.

Vintage Farmhouse and Homestead in Portland

Up to 450 guests can enjoy the simple life in this working Portland farm dating back to the 1880s. Period farmhouses and a fire pit, barn, and large lawn make up the 10,000 square foot space. Tables and chairs, a cold room and on-site parking are included in the rental, which costs $400 per hour.

List of home studios

List of home studios features homes available to rent by the hour for photoshoots, film productions, and content creation. Whether you have a house with a large backyard or a studio, you can make money by renting out your space.

Register your space for free and wait for the requests to arrive. You will receive requests by email, which you can accept or decline. If you accept, your guest receives an email and 48 hours to pay the invoice.

Once the reservation is confirmed, you will get the customer’s phone number if you need to keep in touch. Home Studio List takes 30% of the booking price as commission. You will be paid via PayPal within 48 hours of registration.

Bohemian reverie in Austin

A wonderful home in Austin — the owner calls it a bohemian daydream — costs $350 an hour. It’s bright, airy and looks like it came straight out of a family magazine. And uh, yeah, that’s nice for a boudoir photoshoot.

Downtown Atlanta Cabin

In Atlanta there is a luxurious small space listed as a cabin for $150 an hour. We have never seen a cabin with so much gold hardware and stone countertops. It has an “A” natural light rating, so bring the photographers.


Sometimes all a person needs is a dip in a cool pool on a hot summer day. If you have one, why not make people pay for the pleasure of using it? Swimply allows you to sell access to your pool by the hour. This works best in areas with longer warm seasons.

Just provide some photos and a short description and set your price. You can chat with customers and read their reviews before confirming a booking. Customers are billed in advance through Swimply’s secure payment system. Swimply deposits your payment directly after each booking, less a 15% fee.

Very large private sports pool in San Antonio

Do you have a large swimming pool to do a few lengths? There is a Sports pool 16×30 for $65 an hour in San Antonio. The owner says it’s perfect for parties, fitness groups, swimming lessons and water aerobics. There is also a private bathroom with a shower.

Pool, hot tub and lake in Orlando

In Orlando, a space with a pool, hot tub, grill, fire pit, and full lake view costs $44 per hour for up to 10 guests. More than that adds $5 per hour. Oh, and there’s Wi-Fi included, of course.

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