The benefits and added fun of Bingo Network sites –

Bingo is undoubtedly one of the most underrated casino games today. Its introduction into the online space has changed the game and increased its reach. Do you know why you can play with so many players? If you haven’t, it’s because of the Bingo networks.

Bingo Network sites are “sister” websites that share a group of players. If you want to play with multiple players from different websites, you should consider sites with larger networks like Dragonfish Bingo Sites. It’s the largest in the world, with over 150 sites across the pool. If you’re new to networking and don’t know how it works, know that it brings extra fun. First, we’ll look at the benefits of playing at Bingo Network sites.

How do Bingo Network sites benefit players?

So why should you opt for network sites? Is it worth going further with your game? We think it’s worth it, and we’ll show you why.

More players bring bigger prizes

Whether offline or online, the greater the number of bingo players, the greater the prizes. If you play on networks like Dragonfish, which hosts over 150 sites, can you imagine the number of players on the network?

Well, bigger players mean bigger rewards are at stake. How will it not be fun to play with the knowledge that you could potentially win something huge? Pleasure and competition on the big networks come in triple doses.

Better socialization

If you have ever played in a small bingo room, you will easily understand our point. Playing at regular bingo sites with few players leaves almost no room for socializing.

However, everyone relates best to network sites where you play in the hundreds. It is almost impossible to get bored in such situations. There would be chat, chat, perks, and even free bonuses and rewards as you relate more in the room.

If you prefer a quiet game, there’s no harm in that. You can choose to remain silent and everyone will respect your privacy.

Bingo Networks exposes players to better sites

In this industry, new brands and websites are struggling to find their footing. These sites may be legit and even offer better prices, but most players don’t consider them because they are new. However, when such bingo sites join networks, they get proper exposure.

Over the networks, several players can identify these sites with their best services and rates. So it’s a win-win situation for new sites and players. Regular bingo sites don’t expose players at all; they keep you within the bounds of their services.

More competitions and tournaments

It makes sense that the frequency of events increases with the number of players. Standalone websites have great limitations in hosting competitions and tournaments. When there are not many players, it seems rather repetitive and boring.

However, with network sites, the frequency of events is significantly higher. Hence, players demand constant draws, tournaments and all to spice up the games. Interestingly, more tournaments mean more prizes. And since the number of players is larger, you can be sure that the prizes are plentiful.


The transition from halls to the online space has increased bingo’s popularity as players have realized the fun it brings. Annual analysis shows that around 78% of players play every day. So imagine what will be the percentage In the coming years.

Bingo Network sites have allowed players to view the game as more exciting. So they gradually dropped the narrative that it’s a game for old people. Instead, we’re seeing a better balance between younger and older players on larger networks like Dragonfish.