Summer tourists vandalize and rape unspoiled sites in Venice

With the world opening up, more and more people are hitting the roads and skies as summer rolls around and the “revenge trip” trend kicks in. A popular destination gets its share of rowdy tourists, as Venice has witnessed incidents of vandalism and misconduct by visitors.

Summer tourists vandalize and rape unspoiled sites in Venice

The “revenge trip” essentially compensates for lost travel time due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, some tourists go a little overboard with their celebrations in Venice. The city is known for certain historical sites, works of art and architecture, all of which are preserved and protected. After all, most of these things have been around for centuries.

An incident occurred on May 26, 2022 and involved American tourists skinny dipping in a canal. Locally, the canals are used for sewage. That’s the equivalent of tourists going swimming in New York’s Hudson River, so residents of the Castello neighborhood were reasonably appalled.

Police are currently searching CCTV footage to find the sewage swimmers.

A week earlier, on May 15 and 16, the Redentore Church – built during the Renaissance and designed by Andrea Palladio – was vandalized when part of the white Istrian stone facade under the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi was painted pink and drawn. Things got worse when a local tried to clean the facade to cause further damage by using water which allowed the paint to seep deeper.

This issue is handled by government conservators. This time, CCTVs helped police identify the vandals who defaced the long-standing artwork as part of an art festival. A few days earlier, the Sant’Antonin church had also been hit by graffiti.

Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice, spoke about vandalism on Twitter:

Translated via Google, it reads as follows:

“The scarring of the Basilica of the Most Holy Redeemer has sullied a place symbolic of the devotion of the Venetians and their traditions. Those responsible must not go unpunished, they must “pay”! It is essential that criminal powers be given to the justice of the peace as soon as possible!

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