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Six Wickiup Hill Natural Area sites added to National Register of Historic Places

TODDVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) – Six sites in the Wickiup Hill Natural Area will be preserved for their potential connection to Iowa’s history and the people who once lived there. These are the first six Wickiup sites to be added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The process began 30 years ago after the Linn County Historic Preservation Commission decided to undertake a survey of the whole of Linn County for its historical and cultural resources.

The commission said previous studies had shown evidence of Middle Woodland cultures as early as 200 BC, as well as Native American cultures.

“I hope people recognize the importance that our historical and archaeological resources play in telling the story of Iowa and the people who have lived here throughout history,” said Kent Rector, director of the center of nature.

Now that all six sites are on the registry, Rector said it adds an extra layer of federal recognition and protection to the sites on the ground.

“Archaeological sites are often under-represented in the national register. Yet they are very important because we have to make sure that we take into account this heritage that we have. It’s underground in many places,” said Maura Pilcher, chairwoman of the Linn County Historic Preservation Commission.

“I think it’s very important to keep these alive and to keep them available for people, whether it’s the farms or the main streets of the city, or our less represented archaeological resources,” said Michael Leclere, vice chairman of the Linn County Historic Preservation Commission.

Natural area officials added that they also know of another site on the property that may also be listed.

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