Sites still in the process of migrating to Google’s Mobile First indexing

Google launched its mobile-first indexing initiative over 5 years and 8 months ago, in November 2016. But we still have sites that are migrated from Google desktop-first indexing to mobile-first indexing in 2022.

Yes, last November Google removed any deadline it had for the mandatory move to mobile-first indexing. As a reminder, in May 201 we reported that the mobile-first indexing change had yet to be made, then in March we reported that Google would soon be migrating the last batch of sites to mobile-first indexing. This was after moving the mobile-first indexing deadline from September 2020 to March 2021. Well, Google still isn’t done moving some sites to mobile-first indexing, even though we’re moving the second half of 2022.

Valentin Pletzer received a notification for a site he verified in Google Search Console that has just been moved to mobile-first indexed. He shared this on Twitter:

Glenn Gabe added “The move to mobile-first indexing continues…Note that I still have clients on desktop-based indexing, so hopefully they will be moved soon. Also note that this hasn’t no impact on rankings, but it would be good for those sites to enter 2022 in terms of indexing.”

I wonder what percentage of sites in Google’s index are moved to mobile-first indexing. In March 2020, Google said around 70% of sites had moved, but we haven’t had an update on that number for a long time.

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