Self-Storage Company Adds Solar PV to Power 21 Sites Through Pivot Energy

Pivot Energy announced a new partnership with Life Storage, a national self-storage company, with a series of 21 solar projects located in several states. Self-storage facilities are an ideal candidate for rooftop solar, with an abundance of unused roof space and large on-site energy demands.

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This series of projects will expand Life Storage’s solar repertoire on the East Coast and represent their first solar projects in California. Nine of the California projects have already been completed, with locations near Sacramento and Woodland, and 8 additional projects will be built in the Golden State by the end of the year. The remaining projects in the northeast are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

These projects will serve Life Storage’s ESG goals by improving their energy consumption profile and overall environmental footprint, helping to avoid air and water pollution, and reducing carbon emissions in local communities. where the projects are located.

Erik Bruner, Director of Business Development at Pivot Energy, said, “We are proud to develop this solar portfolio for a company like Life Storage that is also strongly committed to ambitious ESG goals. Solar is a fantastic step in making an operation more sustainable and we hope to see more self-storage businesses inspired by Life Storage’s green leadership. Pivot Energy looks forward to continuing to work with Life Storage as they expand their solar footprint.

These projects are just the beginning of Life Storage’s solar energy adoption strategy, as the company plans to expand solar energy across its facility portfolio in the coming years.

Eric Schlegel, Project Manager for Design and Sustainability at Life Storage, said, “Pivot Energy has been a great partner as we work to develop solar panels in our nationwide portfolio of self-storage facilities. Their combination of national expertise and commitment to helping companies achieve their ESG objectives made them an ideal partner in this endeavor. We are excited about the completion of these projects and the benefits they will bring to our customers, the communities in which we operate and our investors.

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