Satellite images show Russia building defenses to protect military sites northwest of Kyiv

In this photo released by the White House, US President Biden speaks with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China on Friday, March 18 (White House Photo)

President Joe Biden has sought to use 110 minutes Friday video call to fold Chinese counterpart andof Russia in its war against Ukraine, a pivotal moment that could determine the course of the bloody conflict.

President Xi Jinping told Biden that the United States and China had a responsibility to secure peace, according to state media, in a biased indication that he was not interested in escalating the conflict. Afterwards, the White House said its concerns about possible interference from Beijing had not subsided.

“We have this concern,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. The president detailed what the repercussions would be if China provided material support to Russia as it launched brutal attacks on Ukrainian towns and civilians. This is something we will watch and the world will watch.

Senior administration officials described the call as “direct”, “substantial” and “detailed”, but they did not provide many details about the lengthy conversation. Much of the leaders’ discussion focused on the war in Ukraine and the repercussions the crisis would have on US-China relations and “the international order”, an official said. But the administration has declined to say publicly what those consequences are.

Biden’s goal Talk directly to Shi This was partly to find out where exactly the Chinese president was standing, and it was unclear if he got much clarity. The White House said it made no specific demands of Xi, opting instead to offer a broader view of the international situation.

PSAKI said, “China needs to decide where it wants to stand and how it wants the history books to look at them and see their actions.” “It’s a decision for President Xi to make.”

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