Russia threatens fine tech sites

Russia has spoken out to take action against the dissemination of false information. The country has repeatedly threatened different sites, including Google, Instagram, Discord, Pinterest, Zoom, Telegram, etc., to be wary of spreading any data that violates the laws.

Roskomnadzor (Russia’s state communications watchdog) said punitive action is being taken against these IT companies. Additionally, he said that action would be taken if the company did not remove content that was flagged as illegal. However, the measures that would be adopted are not defined at this time.

A Russian court has fined US live-streaming service Twitch 2 million rubles ($33,000). Followed by the Messenger service Telegram with 11 million rubles ($179,000) for violating censorship laws.

On July 26, Russia involved charges worth 2 billion rubles ($34.2 million) on Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O). Russia has alleged that Google has failed miserably in dealing with the country’s restrictions that surround the dissemination of any source of information or data.

Despite repeated injunctions, Google has not removed content that forged the authenticity of Russia. In addition to the heavy fine, Google would not be allowed to display advertisements or access them as sources of information in any way.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) said the company abused its dominant position in the market for YouTube video hosting services and no prior information or details were provided by them.

Later in the week, the court ordered Google to pay 21.1 rubles ($358.7 million) for spreading false information about the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

This led to the conclusion that Google was hit with several fines by Russian watchdogs. Additionally, Russia has slapped IT companies left, right, and center when it comes to fake news breaches.