Red Deer City Council Considering Potential Shelter Sites Today –

The City of Red Deer will discuss potential sites for the future built-in shelter today during the closed portion of its council meeting today (Monday, August 15).

With the support of a commercial realtor, citizens and community partners, 96 potential sites were identified and assessed against the Council’s Site Assessment Matrix approved on July 4th. Here is a breakdown of those 96 sites:

  • 50 Market Sites Recommended by Commercial Realtor
  • Five Unlisted Sites Recommended by the Commercial Realtor
  • 13 Land owned by the City or the Province
  • 22 publicly recommended sites from May to July
  • Six sites proposed during the public call for sites from July 20 to 27

From the high-level list of 96 identified sites, the administration performed the initial site assessment using the tool that was shared with the Board at its July 18, 2022 meeting. who scored above 70% moved on to the next phase of technical evaluation. . The 12 sites that were advanced were subjected to a more comprehensive technical review, including administrative analysis, scoring, and site-related details

On Monday, in a closed meeting, the Council will receive detailed information on the top 12 sites, as well as the full list of the 96 sites. Site locations and detailed information will not be shared publicly at this time to protect the economic interests of potential parties (including site owners) involved. On Monday, Council will also determine the next steps in the process of selecting a site to recommend to the province, which will include its own site assessment based on its site assessment matrix.

The current target date for the Board to select a site to recommend to the Province is August 29, however, if additional technical information is required on the current 12 sites, or additional sites identified by the Board, this target date may be extended. postponed to a minimum. two weeks.

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