Queen of the Carnation Festival Courtyard Tour Alliance Sites

Queen Kayla Martin of the Greater Alliance Carnation Festival 2022 and members of her court met with The Alliance Review editor Laura Kessel on August 1. During their meeting, the women were given copies of the day’s Review newspaper, which contained an A1-page story about the Queen’s pageant that took place on July 30. Kessel joined the young women as they toured different departments of the Alliance City Government Building on East Main. Street. They met Mayor Alan Andreani, who gave Martin a key to the city, which she then jokingly waved before asking her court, “Where do you want to go? I can enter anywhere.” The key is an ornamental piece and does not have the ability to open doors. They received greetings from staff in areas such as the city treasurer’s office. Festival President Staci Gurney led the tour, which took the Queen and court to an old Diebold vault with a giant steel door that turned out to be a prime location for photos. The girls asked if they could move the door, then took pictures of each other moving it. After touring the Administration Building, the women continued their traditional tours of neighborhoods around the city, including Heggy’s at 1306 W. State St., where they took more photos, this time with the company’s sign. which had a congratulatory message for the Queen and her court. Check out more moments from the Queen and Court’s travels on the Carnation Festival Facebook page. The women will serve until next summer, when a new queen will be crowned in the days leading up to the 2023 festival.

2022 Greater Alliance Carnation Festival Queen Kayla Martin, center, and her court, 1st Attendant Chloe Orzo, second from left;  2nd attendant Catarina Hagan, second from right;  and 3rd attendant Kenna McElroy, right, stand in the door of a Diebold safe during a tour of the city administration building.