PFC unveils two new websites for its Avenir, Carrières events

The Fresh Produce Consortium threw two great sites to help showcase and bring together its flagship FPC Future and FPC Careers events taking place in November.

Easily navigable and featuring two prominent product colors – green and orange – the venues provide a quick way for those with an interest in the product industry to register for the double shows at the East Of England Arena and Events Center in Peterborough.

The boom in technological advancements in fresh produce is providing new opportunities for the next generation of workers, something FPC is keenly aware of as it tries to engage them in the sector.

“To advance the industry’s ambitious plans for the future, it is fundamental that we attract the best candidates,” said CEO Nigel Jenney. “We are a diverse industry and there are a multitude of opportunities for every career choice. By co-locating FPC Future and FPC Careers, we will connect leading employers with the best and brightest job seekers.

The Careers site is a one-stop-shop for potential or current workers who wish to explore their opportunities in fresh produce or the range of related fields such as the wholesale sector, catering, transport and logistics and management. supermarkets. Young registrants will be able to attend for free and have the chance to be mentored one-on-one with industry leaders, receive advice on CV development and get a free professional photo. The FPC said it was “working with colleges and universities across the UK to invite undergraduate and postgraduate students from all academic disciplines to meet exhibitors and specialist recruitment agencies”.

Of course, the main attraction is the co-located FPC Future event, which will feature sessions, workshops and extensive networking opportunities for those interested in the fresh produce and flower industries. The FPC said it was inspired by “the government’s food strategy, published last week, which plans to drive innovation and harness pioneering technologies in Britain’s agricultural sector to help increase production nation, distribute jobs and develop the economy”.

To achieve this, these events will address both the impacts of global threats and the potential solutions, driven by new technologies.

“The fallout from the pandemic, coupled with the many challenges posed by Brexit, will continue to affect our supply chains unless we find solutions now,” said FPC CEO Nigel Jenney. “FPC Future will showcase everything that’s new right now and explore what the future holds, such as the growing vertical farming industry. Visitors will be able to see how new technologies can help them become more efficient, increase their productivity and help their workforce.

Interested persons can visit and or to save your spot.