Penticton to seek sites for consolidated public safety center

A public safety center that would house a multitude of emergency services in downtown Penticton is gradually getting closer to reality.

The project, identified as part of the city’s Assets and Amenities Project, received approval for $75,000 of design work in 2022 on August 16.

The Consolidated Center would provide a hub and a single building somewhere downtown that would house the Penticton Fire Department’s No. and settlement services and space for the RCMP community policing office to relocate from the head office detachment on Main Street.

City staff will also explore the inclusion of commercial spaces or residential spaces within the building.

The idea of ​​housing, despite its need in the community, raised some eyebrows among council members.

“There are significant comings and goings of a fire station,” the Earl said. Judy Sentes. “Consider having accommodation above such a facility, I’m concerned about that as well as commercial use. These emergency vehicles don’t have to worry about people around them.

The city’s fire station on Nanaimo Avenue currently has 12 employees who work outside the facility, but the size of its vehicle bay means larger vehicles are parked at Fire Station No. 2. .

According to city staff, the increasing number of buildings in the city that are considered skyscrapers, being six stories or higher, means the fire department is required to purchase a new 100 scale truck. feet in 2023, and there is no current space to store this truck in any of the current halls.

The $75,000 will be used to determine the space needed for existing services, as well as preliminary work to identify a location for the consolidated public safety services centre.

The land analysis will focus on existing city-owned properties as well as potential areas that could be acquired for the project.

Prior to the design and planning phase, which is expected in the third or fourth quarter of 2023, a public engagement process will take place. This process includes public participation in key decisions.

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