New York plans new monkeypox vaccination sites

NORTH CORONA, Queens (PIX11) – As the number of monkeypox continues to rise in New York City, more vaccination sites are opening up. The Corona Sexual Health Clinic in Queens, which will open in the coming weeks, will be the last place to offer the vaccine.

Other pop-up sites open on Fire Island.

As concern over the disease grows, David Kilmnick of the LGBT Network is leading the charge to ensure the message is correct. He appeared with Suffolk County officials as they announced the Fire Island vaccination sites. These sites will serve predominantly gay communities.

“It’s important to remember that our community has a long history of being traumatized and stigmatized by disease,” he said.

He added that it is important to remember that the disease does not discriminate, but he acknowledged its importance among transgender, gay and bisexual men.

Suffolk County now has three confirmed cases of monkeypox and 750 doses of vaccine. Nassau County has one confirmed case and 400 doses. And as of Friday, New York City had up to 160 cases and had been assigned nearly 6,000 doses.

The federal government said another 144,000 injections are being distributed nationwide as cases are now also confirmed in other states, such as Tennessee, Oregon and Texas.