Morrison sites ‘Importance of low-paid work’, does not approve of salary increase in annual salary review submission

The Morrison government’s submission to the annual pay review refuses to recommend a pay rise for the quarter of all workers who rely on the case for pay rises.

The submission – which includes a section titled “The Importance of Low-Pay Work” presents a tired and refuted series of arguments to justify keeping wages low throughout the review process.

Rather than claiming that the work done by workers in disability care, cleaning, security and dozens of other industries is essential to our society and that these workers deserve a raise, the Prime Minister is instead presenting an argument for keeping these essential jobs as low paid as possible.

Quotes attributable to CUTA Secretary Sally McManus:

“Disability care, cleaning, security and other workers deserve a pay rise.

“The same people who have been recognized as essential workers for the past two years are now facing a cost of living crisis and the Prime Minister has let them down again.

“The purchasing power of wages has already declined over the past year and now the RBA expects inflation to hit 4.5% by June. This is a wage cut in real terms.

“For millions of workers, most of them women, the annual pay review is their only option to increase their wages, and it is extremely disappointing that the Morrison government does not join the unions in demanding a reasonable 5 %.

“After nearly a decade of record wage growth, we now have rapidly rising prices for basics like food and rent. Workers should be able to count on their government to support higher real wages this year. Instead, we have the same tired old arguments from a Morrison government that is out of touch with ordinary Australians.

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