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Blogging about your life

Facebook Twitter Follow TheMinimalists. The key here is to know your your niche. If you are an exasperated mom, talk about potty training to an audience of other young moms or if you are a trained dog expert, discuss ways to get your puppy to stop chewing on furniture. Think about this for a second. There are also some really great tips in the comments at the end so make sure you spend a bit of time looking around. Think I might stick around for a bit. Back in my college years I would write for several different college lifestyle blogs and I vowed when I graduated I would keep it up…fast forward 3 years…still no blog. Part of being interesting is telling your story. Hopefully, you can avoid the mistakes I made when I first started blogging. Just today I posted my longest post which was over words. And talking about Personal Branding; there is no doubt it works great! Robyn LaRue says:. Basically I meant that I do do any paid link building for Blog Tyrant — all the SEO benefits I get are from on-site tweaks and just promoting my writing.

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I love to blog. Anyway thanks for sharing. Give your posts a human slant. Great article. Treat it like gold and do whatever you can to protect it. Generally I try to have links within my site open in the same page and links to other sites open to new tabs. This way when the traffic does start coming you will know how to do the important things. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Start a Blog in 5 Concise Steps

The same thing goes with any other blog topic. Choosing a name can take a while. Otherwise, your readers will just go type the topic they want into Google and get their info from Wikipedia. Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing the good article about blog startup. Over time, good writers discover their voice and their writing tends to develop a certain flow, one that is appealing to their readers. Prioritize visual content videos, graphics, photos, etc. Hi Karen, I was planning to start a blog. Rebecca on April 10, at pm. Hi Karen, I just read your post and its exactly what I needed! About the comments: On WordPress blog you can have an auto-approve or manual approve option. On the positive side, a quick search might show you where your competition is getting its links from and that can mean you can replicate them yourself or come up with your own similar promotional strategies. Just today I posted my longest post which was over words. This is very inspiring and makes me feel that maybe I should go for it.

Should I Start A Blog? Consider These 11 Things First

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means at no additional cost to you we may receive a commission if you purchase a product from one of our links. We only recommend products we love. Do you want to write a blog about yourself and get people to read it? So you are considering starting a blog? You have words inside of you. You have experiences you want to share with the world or maybe family and friends. Theirs are full of typos! What would your eighth grade English teacher say? And, you are still thinking about it. What if I bare my soul and no one reads it? It feels worse than a prom-date rejection. Our words are pieces of ourselves, floating out there for anyone to take and cherish or cast aside like nothing. This is risk in true form. I can tell you how to write a blog that people will read. Write about travel or recipes or crafts. Take fabulous photos and pin it on Pinterest.

15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog

It tells a story. The ending is still a long way off. Her honesty about how she feels might even bring you to tears. As you root for anout family over the coming months, be sure to learn something from her writing, too. We're a team of writers and editors here to help you create, connect and earn. The Write Life thewritelife.

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Blogging about your life. 11 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Blog

Last Updated Blogging about your life July 23, In this blog post, I will point out some of the main reasons why you should start your own blog. I really hope that the Porn cam couple below will encourage you enough to take action. Do you want to make money, have a blog for your business, or are you doing it just for the pleasure of writing or journaling for yourself? We have 11 points to cover below, but I specialize in helping people who are trying to go down the money-making or business route. Want to start your own site? Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog. If that's you then I can help you out via email if you get stuck no, I won't ask you for money! You must have been heard or seen people who are making a lot of money by just blogging. Yes, it's possible to monetize your blog. It takes time, but once you have enough readers you will start making some small, yet passive income. When time goes by, your traffic numbers will increase as well as income. I'm not only talking about some few hundred dollars a Dirty text messages to turn a girl on, but many people also earn their living from blogging. I spent many hours crafting blog posts and adding new fresh content.

Starting a blog? Here’s a quick-start guide.

I just wish someone told me all of this before I started my first blog. Here are 11 things you should know before starting your first blog :. When I started blogging, I hoped that I would get a ton of traffic through search engines because all of the other popular blogs got a lot of Google love. So, how do you get traffic in the short run? You do it through social media.

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How to Turn Your Personal Story into a Blog Post People Want to Read

10 Ways Blogging Can Improve Your Life. 1. Boost your confidence. Blogging’s easy and anyone can do it. With WordPress or one of the other free blogging platforms and you can have your blog up and running in a few minutes. Anyone who thinks they don’t have the technical or writing skills will gain confidence once they set up a blog and see Author: Annabel Candy. Oct 20,  · I would suggest against making the blog about your life - unless your life is somehow interesting. Sure, some people do eke out a living out of blogs that are basically about their daily lives, but they are usually in at least somewhat unusual circumstances. Blogging not only changes your life, it also changes the life of the reader. And because blogs are free for the audience and open to the public, on many levels, it is an act of giving. It is a selfless act of service to invest your time, energy, and worldview into a piece of writing and then offer it free to anybody who wants to read it. Others Author: Joshua Becker.

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Starting a Blog in 2019 That Actually Makes Money: Tips for Beginners

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