Microsoft Edge web browser will soon let you access blocked sites for free: How it works

Microsoft continues to add new features for its users on the Edge web browser, and the latest will be a free VPN service that will let you access banned sites and prevent companies from tracking your internet activities. The built-in VPN functionality is currently being tested, and Microsoft is using Cloudflare’s expertise for the service.

The feature is called Edge Secure Network by Microsoft as it seeks to attract more users to its web browser, which puts it in competition with the market leader, Google Chrome.

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Microsoft says that when a user activates Edge Secure Network, their web address and activities will be encrypted, ensuring that marketers cannot flood your screen with product ads and collect details about your browsing activities.

The other big advantage of this VPN service is that your original IP address will be masked and Microsoft will use mirror networks to ping your location through different servers. This allows you to access blocked/banned websites or platforms, or even Netflix content from other countries, without anyone tracking your whereabouts.

Microsoft Edge Free VPN Service: How It Works and Other Terms

Microsoft hasn’t released this feature to the public yet, but it might be available very soon for Microsoft Edge Insiders to get the brand new features to try out.

Once this happens, users can head to Settings on the Edge browser and click on Secure Network. They will notice a shield sign somewhere around the website URL that signals the VPN is active.

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Microsoft has a few conditions that come with the “free” nature of this VPN service. It says the free perks are limited to 1GB of data usage per month, which is nothing these days.

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And second, to get the free terms of service, you need to sign in with a Microsoft account, which as weird as it sounds, but allows the company to track your usage.

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