Mayor Adams acknowledges the need for more monkeypox vaccination sites in New York City

A day after Rep. Ritchie Torres (DN.Y.) slammed the federal government for its response to the recent monkeypox outbreak, Mayor Adams acknowledged the city must also do more to make vaccines for the disease more accessible. .

Adams was responding to criticism from community leaders who appeared with Torres on Monday who pointed out that there was only one vaccination site in the city for the disease, which is similar to smallpox and causes painful rashes. , aches and exhaustion.

“We have to listen to them. Accessibility is important,” Adams said. “We hadn’t heard of that. This was not communicated to us directly, but I will speak to the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene because we need to have accessibility.

A day earlier, Torres focused his anger on the federal government, which he accused of staging a lethargic response to the disease.

Health officials have pointed out that monkeypox can infect anyone; In the United States, almost all of the cases are in men and the vast majority have had same-sex encounters, according to the CDC.

Torres, a Democrat from the Bronx who is gay, asked the inspector general overseeing the US Department of Health and Human Services to review what he called the “failed federal response.”

“The United States has a long and ugly history of ignoring the public health needs of the LGBTQ community,” Torres said in a letter to Christi Grimm, the inspector general, and Gene Dodaro, the state comptroller general. -United. “For many in the community, history is repeating itself.”

This month, millions of doses of American-owned vaccines remained in Denmark because of bureaucratic problems. This condition has persisted despite growing anxiety about this painful but rarely fatal disease.

Adams referred to that Tuesday, noting that the city was battling to get its share of vaccine doses.

“Twenty-five percent of the cases are here in New York. We were getting almost 50% of the proportional level of vaccines,” he said. “But I’m going to speak with the commissioner this afternoon and find out where all our sites are. I know we want it to be accessible.