Madhya Pradesh: Meet examines Orchha inclusion projects in UNESCO sites | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board organized a stakeholder consultation meeting for the projects undertaken for the development of Orchha. The projects discussed were the preparation of the management plan under Historic cityscape (HUL) and preparation of the nomination dossier for Orsha to include in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The officials said that Junhi Han (Chief of Culture Sector of UNESCO), Sheo Shekhar Shukla (Senior Secretary, Tourism), Sanjay Dubey (Senior Secretary, Urban Development and Housing) and officials from State Archaeology, MPRDC, MPSTDC, MPPWD, Forestry and Orchha Local Government were present at the meeting.
Divisional Commissioner Sagar and Collector Niwari joined the online meeting. A presentation on the nomination dossier being prepared for the inclusion of Orchha in Unesco World Heritage was discussed.
Inter-departmental discussions have also taken place on proposed infrastructure projects in Orchha that may impact the cultural and architectural heritage value of Orchha.
PS Tourism Shukla suggested Collector Niwari and Division Commissioner Sagar to review the existing projects and take appropriate action so that they do not harm the heritage value of Orchha.
It is also committed to providing support to other departments for modification of existing drawings and planning in this regard.
PS Urban Development Sanjay Dubey suggested all departments to make every effort to make their projects according to the heritage landscape and heritage architecture of Orchha.
Junhi Han, Head of Culture Sector, UNESCO New Delhi, appreciated the efforts made by the MP’s government to include Orchha in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
UNESCO has already identified two heritage towns of MP-Gwalior and Orchha for the preparation of a management plan in accordance with UNESCO guidelines on Historic Urban Landscapes. These two MP cities selected for the first time in South Asia by UNESCO for their HUL projects.