List of Best CS:GO Case Opening Sites

CS GO checkout opening Websites are a great alternative to the complicated process of getting rare cases and skins when playing CS; GO, that’s why they are in such demand today!

On these websites, anyone can get a good case with awesome skins for a fee anytime! However, you must remember that you should only use trusted sites. Besides, many reliable platforms, such as Bloodycase, offer specially selected value boxes at the most faithful price on the web, so don’t miss your chance!

In this review, we will provide you with a list of CSGO case opening sites!

bloody affair

It is one of top case opening sites among those who have appeared recently. It has quite a large user base (over 5K) and an amazing compilation of curated crates (exclusive weapons and amazing skins). The most interesting is that the site offers the Provably Fair system, as well as the most interesting prices for opening the boxes!

Moreover, on Bloodycase you have a unique opportunity to open up to FIVE cases ABSOLUTELY FREE right after registration.


  • modern website design and user-friendly interface;
  • an amazing compilation of items (over 100 rare cases with expensive skins);
  • Provably Fair System;
  • quick and easy cash withdrawal;
  • nice bonuses and regular promotions;
  • a chance to win a big ticket item.

The inconvenients:

Safe List CS:GO File Opener Sites, we couldn’t resist mentioning the CSGO-Skins site. The platform has a nice design and offers good chances to win valuable skins when opening crates. The smallest deposit is only $0.45, which is much lower than other sites.

Users can create their own boxes and share them with other players. Another useful feature of the website is the ability to check Steam rewards by opening a special menu on the site.


  • a huge community (more than 2 million users);
  • over $3 million paid out to users to date.

The inconvenients:

  • you cannot remove the skinsbut you can sell your items on the website.


Caserandom, one of the most reliable 2022 CSGO Case Opening Sites was originally designed as a CS:GO payment site, but later started to offer users a skin swapping feature and the ability to play various games (Case Battle and Upgrade). Here, you can find crates at different prices, but more often than not, the items you can win are much more expensive than the items you bet.

Additionally, CaseRandom offers Contracts that allow you to trade multiple inexpensive skins for one expensive item.


  • a nice collection of CSGO items;
  • large user base (over 886,900);
  • think the skin to look for;
  • the interface is available in 12 languages;
  • daily free cases and cash prizes.

The inconvenients:

  • customer support is not always available;
  • not quite a large selection of games.


Key-Drop is a well-known site where players can try their luck opening CS:GO boxes, with a much higher chance of winning than many other famous sites can offer. In addition, the platform offers the possibility of to improve your skin. The site uses the Provably Fair algorithm, which guarantees gameplay fairness.


  • easy and fast registration;
  • eye-catching website design and animation;
  • daily and sign-up bonuses;
  • interesting holiday events.
  • a large number of rewards for completing simple tasks;
  • bonuses for adding the website name to your nickname;
  • 6 hour/daily/weekly/monthly freebies.

The inconvenients:

  • high edge of the house;
  • no live chat;
  • a limited selection of games.


If you are looking real case opening sites, then you should check out the Easy drop website! The platform is positioned as one of the leading and reliable sites with a wide range of random skins, as well as a good place for virtual games and battles.

The site offers various loyalty programs. For example, promo codes allow players to increase their balance by 15%. The site also offers free cases that you can get for performing various tasks (for example, replenishing the balance or opening cases with a certain order).


  • daily free bonuses;
  • daily ruffles from the skin;
  • a sponsorship system that allows you to earn money;
  • a good set of features.

The inconvenients:

  • old-school website design;
  • no 24/7 customer support function;
  • high edge of the house.


Hellcase is a very popular CS:GO and Dota 2 site that has been on the market since 2016. According to statistics, it is one of the best legit case opening sites nowadays.

Your chances of winning and even making a profit are much higher than in a CS:GO game or on many other similar platforms. The pickup system works fast, so you don’t have to wait to pick up the item you want.


  • the platform supports user registration from most countries;
  • the ability to unlock boxes for free just by joining and using the referral code;
  • quick withdrawal;
  • registration bonus;
  • the free daily case to add “” to your profile name or replenish the balance with $5.

The inconvenients:

  • design of cluttered web pages;
  • high edge of the house.


CS:GOFast is a legendary casino owned by “PlayOn Games BV”, one of the most popular at the moment. The platform offers over 10 ways to play, and you can wager both real money and your skins. At the same time, the casino allows you to withdraw money instantly.

Players can invite their friends to CS:GOFast, receive interest, as well as they can get free coins from the website every 30 minutes; these coins can be used to earn money on the platform.


  • simple registration;
  • the interface is easy to navigate;
  • good collection of skins;
  • a huge selection of games – Classic, Fast, Double, X50, HI Lo, Crash, Slot, Craft, Wheels, и Cases.
  • a handy mobile app;
  • the lowest possible deposit is only $1;
  • quick withdrawals;
  • sign-up bonus and daily bonuses.

The inconvenients:

  • customer support is a bit slow;
  • no 24/7 live chat;
  • could use more esports matches.

skin club

When looking for the top CSGO Online Case Opening Sites, pay attention to SkinClub. This is another well-known platform that offers the Provably Fair gaming system, as well as a wide range of cases at fairly low prices. Moreover, players can choose from a wide range of games available on the site.

Additionally, users can create their own unique cases which they can use in Case Battles.


  • a fascinating, user-friendly and clear website design;
  • customer support is extremely responsive;
  • a huge selection of unique cases with exclusive skins;
  • fast cash withdrawal;
  • engaging events with nice bonuses;
  • promotional codes published on social networks;
  • bonuses for unlocking cases;
  • multiple deposit options including Credit Card, G2A PAY, SKINSBACK, Paysafecard and Crypto.

The inconvenients:

  • the Provably Fair tab is only available in English;
  • high edge of the house.


HypeDrop, one of the most popular file opening sites, was founded in 2019. Since then, the platform has gained a flawless reputation and gathered a large community of several hundred thousand members. HypeDrop offers a large selection of cases and high chances of winning!

In addition, the site offers 3 free boxes and a 5% bonus on cash deposits or a certain amount of money just for registering on the site!


  • clean and modern website design;
  • fast registration;
  • real object crate opening;
  • regular improvements based on customer feedback;
  • responsive customer support.

The inconvenients:

  • complicated withdrawal system.


CS:GOLive ranks high among the many legit CSGO case opening sites and is also quite a popular platform where users can create their own unique cases. You can choose which skin or armed will be included in the case, then set the drop probability of each item.


  • registration is available for players worldwide;
  • a special function that allows you to create custom cases;
  • sign-up bonuses and some nice daily bonuses;
  • $0.02 to $50,000 free just after signing up on the website.

The inconvenients:

  • updates are quite rare;
  • a few games;
  • community cases can be paid.