Klevu report – Majority of search engines on UK e-commerce sites not working — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Grenson Shoes received the highest score for best product discovery experience across all benchmarking criteria.

The heritage shoe brand makes it easy for consumers to navigate using multiple clauses, natural language, and even misspellings. It makes relevant product recommendations and allows consumers to quickly identify the exact product they are looking for.

Complicated search queries are on the rise today as more consumers rely on voice search on mobile, which means e-commerce retailers need to be able to understand natural language and intent. buyers if they want to satisfy consumers.

However, most e-commerce sites aren’t equipped for this, resulting in customers leaving unhappy and empty-handed.

“It’s clear that major retailers need to work harder to ensure their e-commerce experience meets consumer expectations,” said Nilay Oza, CEO and co-founder of Klevu.

“As the UK e-commerce market continues to become more competitive and inflation drives consumers to cut back on spending, e-commerce sites able to quickly offer shoppers exactly what they are looking for and goods which, depending on the margin, will be the ones that will continue to gain market share.

According to other results, 46% of retailers surveyed offered no product recommendations on their homepage.

46% did not feature recently viewed products on any page, causing retailers to miss remarketing opportunities to consumers who have already shown interest in a specific product. Additionally, only 5% of websites displayed recently viewed products on all pages.

Halfords, Made and Paul Smith were named in the survey as the other top performing e-commerce sites.

Halfords focuses on natural language searches that allow complex multi-clause search strings and misspellings.

The retailer, which offers numerous automotive and bicycle-related products and services, helps consumers find the product they want, even when they don’t know how to search for it. Product recommendations on category pages help shoppers discover similar items that may interest them.

Made, a DTC brand, outperformed in areas focused on product discovery and recommendation.

Its research allows consumers to shop so specifically and provides precise and precise results.

Paul Smith is driving revenue growth by using natural language processing in its search functionality and avoiding misspellings, helping its customers find a faster path to purchase.

The brand helps customers with additional recommendations as well as products that other people like them search for, click on and buy.