Iranian hackers hit Israeli booking sites, obtain information on 300,000 citizens

Iranian hackers recently targeted several travel booking sites of an Israeli company and stole the personal information of more than 300,000 Israelis.

Local media reported on Friday that the Israel Privacy Authority confirmed the incident, saying it happened two weeks ago.

An Iranian hacker group, named Sharp Boys, claimed responsibility, saying in a photo posted on their Telegram channel that “Wherever you go, even when you travel, you are under our control. Remember our name.” .

The Privacy Authority added that following the hack, it immediately contacted the owner of the company Gol Tours LTD, which owns more than 20 popular travel booking websites, in a bid to remedy to the security breach and to make the necessary changes, but was met with a refusal to cooperate. would have on the costs of the changes.

Authority officials raided the company’s offices on Thursday and seized its servers until the investigation into the cyberattack was completed.

The leaked data includes phone numbers, addresses, booked vacation dates and locations and sensitive medical information, the authority said in a statement.

Last week, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said a cyber unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards – called “Shahid Kaveh” – conducted research to damage ships, gas stations and industrial facilities in several countries including Great Britain, the United States, France and Israel.

Gantz implied that Israel… who is widely believed to have waged cyber warfare against Iran’s nuclear facilities and other infrastructure — may retaliate physically against enemy hackers.