Iran sent Israel photographs and maps of regime’s nuclear weapons sites as a warning to Tel Aviv: report

This file image shows a partial view of the secret Dimona nuclear site in the Negev desert, in the southern part of the Israeli-occupied territories.

Iran has warned Israel that it has intelligence on the locations of all its nuclear weapons sites and that the country’s armed forces will strike sensitive targets in the occupied territories in the event of an aggression against the Islamic Republic, according to a report. .

“Tehran had sent Israel, via a European country, photos and maps of Israeli nuclear weapons stores,” Qatari news channel Al Jazeera said Thursday, citing an unnamed Iranian source.

“Most of the imagery is terrestrial, not satellite,” the report said, suggesting that other forms of intelligence gathering rather than surveillance drones were involved.

The source said Tehran has confirmed that it will target regime stores and facilities if Israel decides to start a war with Iran. Israel previously changed the locations of its strategic warehouses, but the dossier sent by Tehran included the locations of the new stores, he added.

“Tehran has flagged all of Israel’s chemical, biological and nuclear weapons warehouses and facilities with a red flag and that they will be the first targets, should Israel decide to start a war with Iran,” the statement added. source.

Iranian officials did not react to the report.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) took the Israeli regime by surprise in March with a barrage of ballistic missile fire at secret Mossad spy agency bases operating in the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

This operation was carried out in response to an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian capital of Damascus, which claimed the lives of two IRGC members.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday that the country’s armed forces were watching Israel, warning they would target the regime’s “centre” if it made any move against the Iranian nation.

“You should know that your slightest gesture is not hidden from the eyes of our armed forces and our intelligence and security forces,” Raisi said.