Hoyer expands station network and payment options at Argo locations

The fuel retailer has made its Hoyer card available for cashless refueling at 167 of Varo Energy Retail forecourts across the continent.

Hoyer has made its Hoyer card available for cashless refueling at more stations across Europe. The German company has partnered with Varo Energy Retail to establish a cooperation agreement that allows drivers to use the Hoyer card to pay for fuel at several of its partner’s stations.

Varo is an energy supply company that operates with customers in Germany, Switzerland, France and the Benelux countries. The company operates the Argus brand for retail fuel and has activated a total of 167 locations for the Hoyer card from its total network of 2,400 locations.

In addition, Hoyer celebrated the inauguration of a new filling station of its own fuel brand in the town of Nienburg. The newly built facility replaces the former Weser-Aller branch and offers drivers a lubricant warehouse as well as a stockyard and vending machine station.

The 20,000 m² automatic service station has access to 450,000 liters of storage tanks, three times more than at the old location. The company has confirmed that the property still has room for expansion and is not intended to compete with the existing service station at the Südring roundabout. Additionally, it will only offer pumps for diesel and AdBlue due to its design aimed primarily at commercial customers and trucks.

The company celebrated the opening with an official event with several activities such as live performances, food trucks and several discounts on its food offers for the benefit of Ukraine Aid.

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