How to Use LinkedIn and Other Sites to Find Remote-Only Jobs

Got called into the office, but just don’t want to give up those stress-free mornings? Do you like taking meetings from the treadmill? Did you save a small fortune on lunches?

Well, the good news is that there are exponentially more remote welcoming employers than before. If your boss hasn’t seen the light yet, here’s where to find a new one.


LinkedIn is probably your first stop when looking for a new job, right? You can narrow your job searches to show only remote jobs, which saves you a lot of time.

It’s a bit buried, but click the “All Filters” button in the right corner of the navigation section at the top of the page. From there, head to the “Onsite/Remote” section, where you’ll find options for onsite, remote, or a hybrid of the two.

Indeed has a fairly straightforward path to remote-only listings. There are two search boxes above each page. In the “Where” box on the right, just type “Remote” and choose the remote option from the pre-populated drop-down list.

You will then be presented with a large list of remote jobs.

This one was a bit tricky, but I found it. Search for a job on but leave the slot blank.

Then, from the search results page, click on the Filter button in the upper right corner and you will find a “Remote jobs only” option in the upper left corner of the window that appears.

just hired

SimplyHired has a simple remote-only approach similar to Indeed. There are two search boxes: the one on the right can handle actual geographic locations, or just type in “Remote” to see results from remote jobs only.

Glass door

In the Jobs section of Glassdoor, you can enter “Remote” as your location in the associated search field or you can click the “More” box in the upper right corner of job postings and then toggle on “Work from home only “. option.


Male, ZipRecruiter really wanted me to search for jobs based on location. However, I found I was able to get around the problem by adding “remote” to the end of the job title in the left search box, then deliberately removing the location from the right search box.

Once I did that, it served remote jobs – and lots of them.

What if you don’t want to use a big yard?

It’s perfectly fine! In fact, there are several excellent remote-only job search sites. I wrote a column on some of them a while ago if you want to check it out.