Homeless will soon move to new alternative sites | News

CHICO, Calif. – Homeless people who are not allowed in pallet shelters can be moved to three different alternative sites as early as next week when some 7-day notice expires.

The sites are located near Fair Street, near Country Drive, Humboldt and Bruce Road and Eaton and Cohasset Road.

Homeless people who move to these sites are not allowed into pallet shelters because they have too many dogs, too large a family, special needs, or even a criminal history.

Homeless people will stay at least 60 days in one of three sites of their choice. If they are able to fix or change the reason they weren’t allowed in the pallet shelters originally, they will be allowed to move in.

If they can’t, they will stay on the site even longer.

Many residents near the new camps are frustrated with the locations chosen by the city.

“It’s very disheartening for us because we have a huge camp near our house. I keep getting tools stolen, bikes being stolen and it’s just an ongoing and ongoing trend,” said Eric Root, who grew up on Fair St. “My concern is that if we have any camps on either side of us, so it’s going to be a highway.

Root lives half a mile from Comanche Creek and even closer to one of the new camps. He says he hopes the city will step up its cleanup efforts in the area.

“After storms, we have a lot of trash coming down the creek. We literally have fishing nets and stuff and we’re going to pick up trash from the creek,” Root said. “We will sometimes have garbage bags full of rubbish. He comes down from the camps that are upstream.”

There are several reasons why a homeless person is not allowed on the pallet shelter site, including having a warrant.

“Certainly, if they are criminal situations and they can be arrested and dealt with for a criminal situation,” Chico acting city manager Paul Hahn said. “It’s possible that people who have warrants that have skipped a court date or something else like that makes them ineligible and hopefully they can resolve some of them.

The city says there are no ideal places for these camps, but they had to choose them.

“We wanted it to be on city-owned land and we have to do something about it. We looked at a variety of city-owned locations and there are certain requirements in the settlement agreement, Hahn said. “It has to be within half a mile of food, it has to be within half a mile of transportation, so there are a limited number of these sites.”

Two of the sites are approximately one acre in size and Humboldt and Bruce Road will be two acres.

The Humboldt and Bruce Road is only a few hundred yards from Marsh Junior High School and near several homes.

“I think it’s a horrible idea. If they don’t allow them to be with them in a pallet shelter, house them next to a school with kids 11 to 14,” said the father of a Marsh Junior High student, Justin Haun.

The Fair Street location also borders several area businesses. Many of these business owners say they have had multiple break-ins and lots of things stolen. They think it’s a security issue to have a camp near their business.

The city doesn’t have a specific number of how many unauthorized people in the pallet shelters they will bring to these new sites, but Hahn tells Action News Now there are only a small handful of people .

The city has the option to change one of the alternate sites if there are problems at a current site. The new site is expected to meet all of the requirements of the settlement agreement.