Hoist Tricolor at 7,500 Amrit Sarovar Sites on Day I: Dycm | Lucknow News

Lucknow: Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya on Thursday ordered officials to hoist the tricolor at all 7,500 Amrit Sarovar sites on Independence Day. Chairing a Development Directors Review Meeting in Yojana BhawanMaurya, who holds charge of the rural development department, told officials to ensure that all lakes are filled on the day.
He also offered to make short films about Amrit Sarovar and upload them to various social media platforms. Affirming that Amrit Sarovar will prove to be a boon for the generation to come, the Deputy CM stressed that efforts should be made to ensure that as much work as possible is done within the framework of the MNREGS. He said the CDO should make a plan and inspect at least two Amrit Sarovars.
Maurya ordered that a list of one hundred village chiefs who are willing to do special and specific work of their village be prepared in all districts. He said that the villages must progress. He asked CDOs to conduct a social audit on a random basis and submit a report on the measures taken.
Emphasizing that transparency in the use of public funds is very important, Maurya stressed the need for 100% Adhar seeding. He said that good sports grounds should be provided on the lands registered as playgrounds in the revenue records and that sports equipment should be made available to the villagers.
Maurya said reviving endangered rivers is the priority for development work. “You have to make sure that this work gets done as a priority,” he said, adding that rivers should be revived in a way that they don’t die out again. He also said that water sources and ponds in an area of ​​one kilometer of rivers should be connected to rivers.


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