Hendy invests £36,000 in installing defibrillators at 60 sites

Defibrillators have been installed at 60 Hendy Group sites in the South and South West.

The company has invested £36,000 in the defibrillators and Hendy Group property manager John Hendy said widespread installation at all sites was a reasonable precaution for the company to protect everyone who comes into physical contact with the company.

The arrival of defibrillators comes at a time when there are more than 30,000 sudden cardiac arrests in the UK outside of hospital every year.

Immediate treatment of someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest greatly increases survival rates.

Without immediate assistance the survival rate is less than 6%, but with prompt attention it can reach 70% and the availability of an AED (automated external defibrillator) increases the chances of survival.

“The well-being of colleagues is a top priority for us at Hendy, so anything we can do to protect them in a work environment where they spend a lot of time is important,” Hendy said.

“We hope that none of these defibrillators will ever be needed, but by having them in our facilities, we know that anyone in need will immediately benefit from the best treatment available.”

Defibrillators are installed in a central position in all dealerships and facilities to enable rapid response to anyone in need and the installation process has included training videos for colleagues and posters highlighting where they are positioned.