Gsi opens 90 sites for geotourism and publishes a digital map for easy access | Kolkata News

Kolkata: For the first time in its 171-year history, Geological Survey of India opens 90 exotic geoheritage sites with rich natural history and unprecedented scenic beauty for geotourism. These sites have a natural history of millions of years and have hardly been explored by tourists.
GSI general director S Raju Friday opened them up to geotourism with the release of a comprehensive digital map at the GSI headquarters in Kolkata on the occasion of “Azadi ki Amrut Mahotsav”.

“The Indian subcontinent exhibits imprints of varied geological processes through the ages and is a storehouse of interesting geological features. GSI has enlisted some of these localities as National Geological Monuments. The tourist map of India will be enriched by the inclusion of these geological monuments, and visitors from within the country and from abroad can get a glimpse of the real past – the formation of the subcontinent, the orogeny , the paleoenvironment and the exotic collection of paleo-flora and fauna,” Raju told TOI.
“The geotourism digital map is interactive. Simply click on any of the 90 sites and you’ll get full information, a concise description, along with supporting photographs, and a 3D location map with geological facts, history, geography, routes and means of reaching the site and other places. of interest nearby. Thirty-two sites are declared National Geological Monuments (MNG), some of which are recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites,” said Ashish Kumar Nathdirector and PRO, GSI.
For example, one of the three geoheritage sites in Bengal is the Gangani River Gorge which formed around 2.6 million years ago (Pleistocene). It is a unique site due to the older alluvial soil formation. “Some people who might have gone there to see nature, will now have a new look with fascinating insights to enrich their experience,” said a senior geologist.
“Geoheritage sites are the majestic creations of nature and are illustrations of various geological processes on the surface, as well as in the deepest parts of the world. Earth. GSI, as a pioneering organization in the field of geology, is instrumental in identifying geoheritage sites and is committed to conserving and popularizing them for future generations,” an official said.