Google search indexing hit with outage for many sites

Google has confirmed that there is an indexing issue in search, which has prevented many websites from seeing their new posts and pages from the public for the past few hours.

Confirmed on TwitterGoogle says Search is not indexing or is indexing very slowly “a large number of sites” over the past few hours. Round table on search engines first reported the outage earlier this morning, with the issue apparently starting around 7am ET this morning.

The issue in question affects virtually every website on the web, with newly published pages not showing up in Google Search within the usual time frame. News organizations are particularly affected by the issue, as it prevents news articles from appearing in both search and Google News.

Some major sites that we could quickly see as showing no new pages/posts in the last hour include The New York Times, The edgeand our network of sites (9to5Mac, Electrek, 9to5Toys, etc.) do not appear either. If you’re a webmaster, you can check your sites by going to Google search, typing “site:—.com” and filtering the results up to the previous hour, or by using Search Console.

It seems possible that this is related to a larger outage within Google. Over the past few hours, we’ve also noticed Google Weather experiencing a partial outage on Android and Google Assistant, and Google’s AdSense reports appear to be delayed this morning as well.

If you are having similar issues in Google products, drop a comment below.

There’s no clear timeline on when this issue might be fixed, but Google promises an update “within 12 hours.” Notably, indexing issues are relatively common with Google Search, with a few similar outages over the past couple of years. Today’s outage, however, seems particularly widespread.

Update: Google says it identified the problem, but offered no timeline for a fix.

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