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Search engine optimization is the key to appearing in searches. But did you know the key to not appearing in searches? Verification of the AGE.

It has come to light via Twitter that sites requiring age verification may not appear in Google Discover. Why? We’re not sure ourselves, but Google’s Danny Sullivan seems to think so and said so in his tweet. He also said that this news is not confirmed yet, but it has been three days since his tweet but there has been no response.

To be exact, he wrote that he wasn’t sure and would find out, but it’s likely age verification on sites won’t show up in Google Discover.

This was a response to a tweet from Lily Ray, where she broke down organic traffic derived from websites into three parts. She explained how the traffic comes from news (6.33%), Google Discover (44.62%) and SEO (49.05%). She then went on to inform that even though Google says people can’t optimize content for Discover, there is still a pattern followed. If you follow it thoroughly, you’re bound to get your site up there.

Upon discovering this model, she landed on this question. So she asked if the age restriction had any effect on sites appearing on Google Discover. It turns out yes. And so we have our answer from Danny.

This question was originally asked by JC who was in charge of inquiring about the boundary behind age restrictions related to searches. It was meant for Lily, but since she didn’t know the answer, it was passed on to Barry Adams. When he didn’t know either, she asked Danny.

As for us, we browsed various sites via Google Discover. But until this issue came up, we had never noticed the age restriction feature on the sites showing there. Therefore, we can conclude with evidence that the age restriction limits your reach.

Until Danny responds, we’ll stick to our conclusion and work smart.

H/T: Round table

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