Good Websites Are Good For SEO, Says Google

Google’s John Mueller made a somewhat obvious statement, basically saying that building a good website is often good for SEO. He said on Twitter “A lot of good accessibility practices are also good SEO practices, and generally speaking, improving a site for users often results in indirect positive effects as well.”

Here are those tweets for more context:

However, in practice, this has not always been the case. Sometimes bad websites rank well – in fact, there have been many cases historically where ugly sites have ranked very well. I don’t think it works that well these days, but back then we often saw ugly and confusing sites rank very well. We even saw some sites mistreat customers for SEO benefits a very long time ago – also, something that is not recommended today.

Danny Sullivan also tweeted something along the same lines:

So build a good website for your users and SEO should follow…

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