Four Sites Shortlisted for IIT Goa Campus | Goa News

Panaji: Nearly six years after the establishment of IIT Goa, there are renewed hopes that a site will finally be identified to house the permanent campus of the institute.
According to sources, four sites have been shortlisted – one on the remote Kulti plateau at Poinguinim in Canacona, an area close to the previously identified site at Sanguem, the land where the defense exhibition was held at Quitol, at Quepem and another site at Dharbandora.
“Things are moving at high speed. The Chief Minister is keenly interested in the matter,” an official told TOI.
“The state government will narrow the shortlist to two sites and write to the Union Department of Education Site Selection Committee soon. The committee will then travel to Goa to inspect the sites and take a call based on offers made by the state,” an official said.
Plans for at least seven locations, previously identified by the state government, had to be scrapped, either due to shortcomings found by the site selection committee or objections from residents.
Previously, plans to establish the IIT campus on the Bhagwati Plateau in Loliem, Canacona were scrapped after villagers objected. At the time, some had suggested that the Kulti Plateau in Poinguinim near the village of Muthal-Sadolxem might be more ideal for setting up the IIT campus. The land is owned by the local community.
Officials said the four shortlisted sites had already been inspected by the state government search committee to identify suitable areas to establish the IIT campus.
“IIT’s requirement by central government standards is 500 acres of land, but since Goa is a small state, it was agreed to settle for 300 acres. Thus, at least 300 acres of land will be required, especially in isolated places like Poinguinim, where staff quarters, etc., must also be provided within the campus. This is not the case if the campus is in an urban area, as existing private residential facilities can be rented out,” an official said.
Sources said the communidade has shown interest in the upcoming IIT project in Poinguinim given the job creation it can bring, while the Quitol site is favored as it already has facilities such as good access roads developed during the defense exhibition. The Dharbandora area was also deemed suitable due to good access to different facilities.
The Sanguem land adjoining the pre-selected site at Cotarlim for IIT Goa is also a contiguous area, located in a relatively isolated location.
The discussion on a site for the permanent campus of IIT Goa has been reignited after Chief Minister Pramod Sawant recently said at an event in Canacona that he was awarding a higher learning institute in Canacona taluka.