Flooding Raises Concerns Over China-Linked Technology Near Nebraska Military Sites | national news

Representative Mike Flood of Norfolk expressed concern about the use of Huawei equipment in cell towers located in Nebraska near US military installations, including Offutt Air Force Base.

“We find it deeply disturbing that Huawei has equipment near Offutt or other military bases, missile silos or strategic military installations in the state of Nebraska,” the 1st District congressman wrote in a letter. to the US Department of Commerce calling for an investigation.

“For years, national security experts have raised concerns that Huawei technology could be used to spy on Chinese Communist Party adversaries and competitors around the world,” Flood said.

Huawei has “deep ties” to the Chinese Communist Party and “could pose a significant national security threat due to the technology’s proximity to military installations in Nebraska,” he said.

Huawei is a multinational technology company headquartered in China.