Exploring sacred sites with virtual reality | Latest titles

From a tour of the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque to pilgrimages to the Western Wall and the Kaaba in Mecca, worshipers and visitors from around the world can take virtual reality spiritual journeys to some of the Earth’s most sacred sites. Virtual reality religious explorations are one of many evolving spaces in the immersive virtual world known as the metaverse. “We believe virtual reality is the new internet, the new way for people to not just passively watch things on screen, but to teleport and be able to travel and explore,” said Nimrod Shanit, producer and director. of The Holy City. virtual reality experience. In 2015, Shanit began building The Holy City, an immersive virtual reality experience that allows people to visit Jerusalem’s holiest sites. Thanks to the Metaverse, virtual pilgrims can now follow Orthodox clerics as they exit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher during the Holy Fire Ceremony, they can slip a prayer note into a crack in the Western Wall, or follow the no thousands of worshipers during Ramadan. at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Similarly, in 2015, Ehab Fares, managing director of digital agency BSocial, began creating a virtual experience that would allow VR visitors to pilgrimage and explore some of Islam’s holiest sites, including The Mecca. He called it Experience Makkah. The latest version can be explored via Google Cardboard, a low-cost cardboard attachment that turns smartphones into virtual reality viewers.