Eleazar supports the creation of permanent evacuation sites

MANILA, Philippines — Following the onslaught of Tropical Depression Agaton, Senate candidate General Guillermo Eleazar has stressed the need to establish evacuation centers in disaster-prone areas of the country.

Eleazar explained that most local residents are discouraged from going to evacuation centers because they are usually crowded and in some cases before the pandemic, evacuees had to stay in classrooms even though classes were in session. Classes.

He said that’s why residents prefer to stay at home even though it’s dangerous. If there were proper evacuation centers, pre-emptive evacuation could more easily be carried out, he said.

“Local government units should no longer use school facilities as evacuation sites. We should build evacuation centers to give people some dignity because no one would choose to be in an evacuation center unless it is necessary,” he added.

If he wins in the Senate race, Eleazar would push for the measure creating permanent evacuation centers as the measure is still pending in the Senate. The House of Representatives had approved its version of the bill in the third and final reading.

He said part of the measures that must be ensured is that the basic needs of evacuees, such as food and water, are taken care of by national or local governments for the duration of the stay in the relief centers. evacuation.

Eleazar said more lives would be saved if the disaster response measures of the national government and local government units were reviewed and adjusted.

Agaton swept through provinces in the Visayas last week, claiming the lives of more than a hundred people.

Search operations are continuing as dozens of people are still missing.