Does Amazon punish sellers who are victims of fake review sites?

Some sellers are feeling the fallout from Amazon’s lawsuits last month against two websites they said were trying to profit from generating “deceptive and fraudulent reviews.”

Amazon has started removing some product listings from sellers featured on one such site, Rebatest, but sellers say they didn’t even know the website and didn’t participate in any incentive programs. exam.

ASGTG (Amazon Sellers Group) posted an alert on Twitter on Tuesday linking to more information on the ASGTG Facebook group:

“Breaking….RED…We can confirm that legitimate seller listings are framed on discount sites that Amazon is suing where competitors will list your item and you will have it removed for review manipulation.

Some sellers believed that their rivals submitted their products to Rebatest in an attempt to get them suspended from Amazon.

Others thought Rebatest itself was running a scam, although it’s not entirely clear how such a scam could work.

In his February 22 Press releaseAmazon wrote: “The lawsuits seek to shut down two major fake review brokers, AppSally and Rebatest, which helped mislead shoppers by asking their members to try to post fake reviews on stores such as Amazon , eBay, Walmart and Etsy.”

Amazon also said it uses a “combination of machine learning technology and trained investigators to detect, prevent, and remove” inciting or false reviews. Amazon sellers who have removed products only to find they were featured on Rebatest without their permission say they are collateral damage in Amazon’s bot war.

The ASTGG founder himself faces criminal charges in a different case, as we reported, but continues to have a vibrant base of supporters who, in this case, shared their experiences and strategized on how to handle it.

On its website, Repayment encourages shoppers to purchase Amazon items through its cashback program:

“Rebatest is a product trial website where you can get up to 100% off when shopping online! Rebatest’s fundamental goal is to help people find great things and try the potential development of new products, while providing a fair and comprehensive test report to customers.We are the cashback site that offers up to 100% cashback and we also do not charge our members any fees Rebatest is free to join, use and withdraw for free.We are also the only cashback sites that have no minimum payment threshold, and you can withdraw as many times a year as you want.

It also offers a Affiliate program where buyers who refer his site to others could earn rewards:

“In order to expand our business and attract more testers, the Affiliate&Refer program is launched. You can earn a referral bonus of up to $20/person by referring friends and associates to join and complete the first order from Rebatest.”

Ironically, members of the Rebatest program left their own reviews of Rebatest on TrustPilotthat tell an interesting story.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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