City Eyes 2023 Splash Pad Venues Opening | News, Sports, Jobs

City service officials met with consultants on Friday regarding the development of wading pools in Allen Park and Jackson-Taylor Park.

The administration said it will develop a comprehensive plan for the two venues — with openings scheduled for 2023 — with design layout and project costing to be presented to city council for consideration this fall.

The city has announced that more information will be available to the public throughout the fall. Mayor Eddie Sundquist said public forums for community feedback will be held to encourage community members to provide ideas and feedback on park activities.

Sundquist said community members have expressed a strong desire to see the city establish locations for wading pools.

“I often hear about bringing a wading pool to Jamestown from so many residents looking for fun, free, wet activities during the hot summer months,” he said. “Due to community feedback, we decided that building wading pools in two of our largest parks, Jackson-Taylor on the north side and Allen on the south side, would be the best way to provide families with a wonderful equipment close to their neighborhood.”

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