Applications sought for Britain’s next Unesco World Heritage sites

The UK government is calling for sites to be proposed as the UK’s next nominations for Unesco World Heritage status.

The hit locations would join the UK’s 33 World Heritage Sites, including Stonehenge, the Tower of London and Hadrian’s Wall.

Nominations are reviewed every 10 years and are granted in recognition of the role the sites have played in world history.

Heritage Minister Nigel Huddleston launched the call for new applications, hailing the “transformative impact” of the status.

“Unesco World Heritage status has a transformative impact on places that receive this honour,” he said.

“In addition to being recognized internationally, UNESCO status stimulates tourism and creates opportunities for employment and economic growth.

“The UK and Overseas Territories have many potential candidates and I can’t wait to see what fantastic sites and stories we uncover in our search.”

The most recent site to receive Unesco World Heritage Site status was the Slate Landscape of North West Wales in 2021.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will review the venues and release a tentative list of potential candidates later this year.

From this list, they will then select the sites that will be the final UK nominations.

The next sites to be considered for Unesco status in 2024 are the Scottish Flow Country and Gracehill in Northern Ireland.

Updated: March 26, 2022, 12:01 a.m.