Android warning about dubious sites that steal your bank details – do NOT ignore the alert

GOOGLE hopes to raise awareness of internet scams with special alerts for Chrome.

Android users will see a pop-up whenever they visit sites deemed unsafe.


Keep an eye out for these Chrome warningsCredit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

Warnings about possible phishing and malware that have been detected are automatically activated.

Some of the messages you can expect to see include, “the site ahead contains malware”.

This means that the site you are trying to access may be trying to install dubious software on your device.

If you see “deceptive site in front”, it’s because there’s a suspicion of phishing on it.

You may also see a “suspicious site” or “the upcoming site contains harmful programs” message.

And if the site is not secure, you will see: “This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources”.

Whatever message pops up, think again before you dismiss it and move on.

If you are sure the page is safe and you want to ignore the warning, you can press Detailsfollowed by Visit this dangerous site.

The page will then load.

“Download with caution,” says Google.

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“Some sites try to trick you into downloading harmful software by telling you that you have a virus.

“Be careful not to download harmful software.”

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