Amazon has taken legal action against the review sites.

Amazon has taken legal action against the review sites.

Amazon is suing four organizations that it says deliberately flood its online shopping site with fake reviews.

In their books, three of the companies had around 350,000 reviews.

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According to Amazon, the companies operate as unauthorized intermediaries between vendors and Amazon reviewers.

In exchange for each review, reviewers receive free products and a small fee, and the company charges the seller a fee to improve their Amazon ratings.

According to Amazon, sellers are not always aware that fraudulent reviews are being used.

He accuses the companies he has threatened legal action against of jointly targeting his platforms in the US, UK, Europe, Japan and Canada. He sued three earlier this year and is now pursuing a fourth.

As a result, one company ceased operations. Matronex has “totally closed” following Amazon’s actions, according to a statement posted on its website.

There are tips for consumers whose reviews have been rejected by Amazon on the website of one of the companies that is still in business. Here are some of the possible causes:

Attempting to submit a review before the delivery date claiming the goods were free or discounted by ordering the same thing multiple times “from the same location and same computer”.
“Please submit your reviews honestly and not too often,” he continues.

As part of the deal, Amazon says a company agreed to release information about its customers. He argues that this will help locate them on his platform.

Because the exchange doesn’t take place on Amazon, he admits they can be hard to see. He says that by 2020 he will have prevented 200 million fraudulent reviews from being published.

It would be criminal to pay someone to post or host fake reviews under new suggestions currently being considered in the UK.

According to a recent analysis by Which?, nine of the ten top-rated headphones on Amazon earlier this year had outstanding reviews for a variety of unrelated products.

Who? praised Amazon for its actions.
“However, our latest research found that unscrupulous organizations are still exploiting Amazon’s review system, putting shoppers at risk of buying products backed by thousands of bogus five-star reviews,” said Rocio Concha. , Director of Policy and Advocacy.

“The current fake review investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority is to look for any unfair practices intended to deceive buyers and ensure that customers are protected when visiting major shopping sites.”