After hackers target government sites to ‘aveven’ Nupur Sharma’s comments, India asks Interpol for help

India is asking for Interpol’s help in catching two hacker groups called ‘Dragon force Malaysia’ and ‘Hacktivist Indonesia’ who have launched a cyber war against New Delhi, according to the DCP of the Cybercrime Department of the Indian Police. ‘Ahmedabad.

Both groups have called on Muslim hackers around the world to join them in their attack, which comes after former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokeswoman Nupur Sharma made controversial comments about the Prophet Muhammad.

A lookout for both groups has been issued for the two groups that have hacked over 2,000 websites.


Calling for attacks on government websites, DragonForce had launched an attack called OpsPatuk or “hitback” against India which was uncovered by Bengaluru-based cybersecurity firm CloudSEK.

The group shared Indian users’ credentials on social media, including usernames and passwords, to allow others to launch attacks.

DragonForce, which is located in Malaysia and has been observed working with several threat groups in the past, including the T3 Dimension team and ReliksCrew, is apparently a pro-Palestine hacktivist group.

Denying any connection between Sharma’s statement and the views of the Indian government, the BJP suspended her from her post.

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