8 Highest Paying Survey Sites for Africans in 2022

According to Gig Hustlers, ySense is a website and online community with multiple earning options. This website is legit and pays you to answer questions, watch videos, and complete simple tasks and surveys. Skilled Africans can earn a decent income from this website with an established legitimate reputation without national barriers.

Sign up to take a paid survey whether you are in Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Tunisia, Kenya, Ghana or Angola. Although some investigative qualifications vary by location, everyone has an opportunity. Plus, you can earn $1.25 and more on your first survey.

According to Money Tamer, Swagbucks is one of the oldest, most reputable and highest paying survey websites in the world. This well-established website is easy to navigate on a desktop or laptop computer and offers points and rewards in a variety of ways. With internet access, Africans can earn a decent income from this website with motivation points.

You get paid to shop online, watch videos, browse websites, answer questions, and take surveys. Although there are no hurdles on this website, you will get a $5 bonus for signing up and earn over $50 for completing a survey.

According to Ebiz Facts, PaidViewpoint is an established website known for paying users to complete online surveys. This reliable website offers a variety of lucrative opportunities to take online surveys. Additionally, qualified Africans can earn points and trait scores for each completed exam or survey on the website.

This website pays $1 signup bonus and $25 for referral withdrawal wherever you are in the African continent. Also, you can earn more on surveys on PaidViewpoint if you get your trait score among the top ten users.

According to Dollar Financials, SurveySavvy is legit and pays users for taking a survey with instant cashout. This website has been an online survey panel since 1999, offering users cash rewards for answering questions. Skilled Africans can earn a decent income from this website with an outstanding reputation in prompt payouts with no excuses or delays.

You get paid to sign up, invite friends, and complete an online survey. This website pays users in USD regardless of location, making it an ideal opportunity for Africans considering the exchange rate.

According to Nerd Wallet, Toluna is a trusted and trustworthy site with lucrative survey categories for users across the internet. Additionally, this popular and established website offers longer profiles and surveys for cash rewards.

Wherever you are in the African continent, it’s time to earn money from the comfort of your own home. This website pays you to test products, answer questions, and complete surveys. Plus, you get 500 points for signing up and earning more with referrals without national barriers.

According to Surveystor, Mobrog is a German survey company established in 2008 and available on the African continent. This website is legit, reliable, easy to navigate, and offers rewards for completing online surveys. Qualified Africans can benefit from the platform by providing answers to questions without unnecessary distractions.

You will do large-scale market research for cash rewards on this platform with various bonuses. The platform offers users $1 for referrals and starts earning after clicking the link in the confirmation email.

According to Paid from Surveys, Triaba is a legitimate and accessible platform for users to complete an online survey for cash rewards. This platform is a popular income site with an easy to navigate interface with user rewards. With the internet, Africans can earn dollars from this Norwegian company by answering questions.

You are paid to answer surveys, regardless of your nationality. You can complete a quick money survey from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Egypt, DR Congo, etc. So, if you are looking to make money online from various locations in the African continent, this survey website is for you.

According to the Maverick, Timebucks is a legit site with different ways to earn money online. This reliable platform provides easy earning opportunities by performing simple tasks in your spare time. Africans can benefit from this platform by taking up the challenge.

If you want to make money online with a little research and questions answered, now is the time to make some money. Timebucks pays you to watch videos and complete a list of surveys based on your profile and interests. Although the awards vary by location, there is a prize for each winner.

Now that you know the best paid survey sites for Africans, consider each one carefully before selecting them. You can earn a decent income from paid survey sites like ySense, Swagbucks, timebucks, PaidViewpoint, Toluna, Mobrog, etc. Paid survey sites offer opportunities to earn money and rewards for answering questions. Now is the time for Africans to explore paid survey sites for desirable income without barriers.

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