7 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views in 2022 (Safely and Instantly)

Know the 7 best sites for buy youtube views is a fantastic way to master YouTube, a platform with two billion monthly users. As a site with diverse topics ranging from ARGs to how-to videos, making a dent in your niche can be tough. However, finding a reliable source to buy YouTube views can make all the difference.

7 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views in 2022 (Safely and Instantly)

With a good idea of ​​what to look for on reputable sites where you can buy YouTube views, let’s explore seven of the best options.

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Each site has benefits that social media users will love to have available to them.

1. Stormviews.net

Stormviews.net is the ideal solution to gather a larger audience on YouTube, especially in terms of subscribers, likes and views. This site offers complete packages specially designed to meet the needs of each page. You’ll get access to 100% genuine traffic to drive engagement on your videos across your entire account.

One of the main benefits of Stormviews.net is that it can help you build a strong community. By buying views and subscribers to start, you will attract more organic followers. Plus, your authentic engagement will include people who are genuinely interested in your content.

Ultimately, you will see a significant improvement in your metrics while establishing brand awareness. It’s a foolproof method to help you navigate your way through one of the internet’s most popular platforms.

2. Explore in life

When you first enter the social media industry, you need a platform designed to help you. ExploreinLife offers several useful packages to help you buy YouTube views. Over time, you will also start attracting more organic subscribers to grow your channel quickly.

Nothing is hard to buy youtube subscribers instantly and grow channels organically.

There are three main package options to choose from, including Starter, Standard, and Pro. With each level, you will have access to more than 100-100,000 subscribers depending on your budget. Every follower is said to be of the highest quality and you’ll get engagement fast.

However, the ExploreinLife package price is slightly more expensive than the other options. Unfortunately, this can make building your audience more expensive than expected.

3. Followers.io

Subscribers.io offers a few packages designed to deliver targeted and genuine YouTube views. They offer many of the same benefits as other sites, such as Stormviews.net. You’ll have access to fast delivery and 100% confidential shopping to grow your online audience.

You can buy youtube likes in no time, anywhere and anytime, no ID required.

One unique benefit they offer is the ability to take advantage of YouTube View Refills. If you notice a drop in views within 30 days of purchase, the company automatically tops it up for you. With this guarantee, you can keep your tracking at the perfect amount for a month.


SocialBoss is one of the lesser known sites that you can use to buy YouTube views. The unique feature of their platform is that they accept many payment options ranging from ApplePay to Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you want to expand your audience, you might find some of their packages handy.

SocialBoss’ plans start at $4.49 (when on sale) and offer 500 YouTube views. Their biggest package is $479.00 (when on sale) for 100,000 views. With a 100% security guarantee, you will be investing your money in a proven service to grow your audience.

However, SocialBoss is one of many services that cannot guarantee immediate engagement. Depending on the number of followers you buy, the delivery time is between one and 30 days.

5.QQ Tube

If you like to track the progress of your engagement, QQTube is a fantastic solution. They help YouTube channels buy views while providing an easy-to-use dashboard to track your purchases. In the dashboard, you can see the number of actual views you have purchased per video.

It also shows your current view count paired with the number of views you needed to start with. As your pledge order fills, you can track the status of each purchase. Another huge advantage of their platform is their competitive pricing, starting at $2.00 for 1000 views.

That said, if you need instant delivery of views to catapult your content to viral status, this platform isn’t ideal. Most QQTube packages offer a certain number of views per day. For example, some plans offer 500 views per day, while others offer 1,000 views per day rather than the full amount at once.

6. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert has one of the most diverse solutions for those looking to grow their YouTube channel. Instead of offering basic likes, views, and followers, they also sell comments and shares. You will find that this is an all-in-one resource that you can put to good use to start growing your channel overnight. Once you buy youtube viewsit will be easy to copy the process for future operations.

When you start browsing the plans that you can choose to buy YouTube views, you will find some benefits. First of all, you don’t need to provide your account password to acquire the pledge. Additionally, views will be high quality and continuously active, providing consistent metrics to your account.

These benefits come with a higher price than most other services for buy IG views and subscribers. If budget isn’t much of an issue, ViewsExpert might be the solution you’re looking for.

7. GetViral

The seventh recommended site for buying YouTube views is GetViral, a platform that revolves around online success. You will get exclusive support and social media services for every purchase on other platforms. Besides YouTube, they also sell Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, and Twitter packages.

The biggest advantage of this platform is its years of experience, having been in operation for over seven years. About 85% of their customers come back to buy more engagement or refer the service to their friends. Plus, every order is backed by a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your channel sees improvements.

When it comes to YouTube views, GetViral.io is undoubtedly the most expensive service on this list. You can expect to pay up to $10 for 1500 views, which can be expensive to build a viral channel.

How does buying YouTube views help?

Getting your brand noticed on popular platforms can seem impossible without help. Considering that YouTube is one of the most saturated markets for informational content, your posts are just one in a million. Using services to buy YouTube views can help you stand out among the crowd by building an audience.

Some of the most common reasons people consider buy views on youtube to understand:

1. Establish brand awareness

Whether you’re an influencer or a business, your reputation is one of the first things users consider before subscribing. Audiences are much more likely to follow channels that already have an established following. Attracting viewers organically is difficult, that’s where buy views join the game.

You will be able to create an audience in a few clicks, customizing the number of views and subscribers you want. From there, you’ll notice your page attracting more organic viewers, building your community. It is known that once people see that others find your content valuable, they will also want to follow for more.

2. Strengthen your reputation

If you already have a semi-established brand on YouTube and have noticed a drop in subscribers, buying views can help. When channels start losing views and subscribers, your community will experience a decline. Unfortunately, this can lead to more people jumping ship and sinking your channel into the ground.

Instead, using the services offered by social media marketing companies allows you to balance out any loss of subscribers over the lifetime of your channel. You can keep your subscriber count at an appropriate level to continue growing your following over the years.

3. Building Authority

A successful YouTube channel can significantly benefit your other social media platforms. Even if you don’t convert most leads through your videos, you can use them to direct your audience elsewhere. The stronger your authority is on the platform, the more people will visit your website, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Is buying YouTube views safe?

It’s common for people to wonder if buying YouTube views is safe, especially since there are so many scams online. Not only are there some sites that offer commitment for a cost, only to take your money without improving the metrics, but others just don’t work well. When you invest money in your platform, you want to make sure the results are genuine.

The best way to make sure you’re working with a legitimate site that offers YouTube views and subscribers is to look for the following:

  • Comments: Nothing speaks more to the legitimacy of a business than customer reviews. You will want to choose a site that has helped thousands of customers around the world on various platforms.
  • Customizable packages: It is important to remember that the purchase commitment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every page needs something different, so the service you’ve chosen should allow for customization. You will want to be able to select the number of views, their delivery date, etc.
  • 24/7 support: If this is your first time buying YouTube views, you’ll want access to a team to help you out. Most reputable services offer 24/7 support to guide you through the process and answer your questions.

Reliable vendors can help boost your channel’s engagement

If you are looking for the 7 best sites to buy YouTube views, you will need a reliable service that offers guaranteed returns. Increasing your engagement quickly is a great way to build brand awareness if you choose a reputable company. With options like Stormviews.net, you can create a successful channel overnight.